Turning Traditional Fundraising Into Digital Success

Turning Traditional Fundraising Into Digital Success

With the increasing use of technology and digital platforms, turning traditional fundraising into digital successes can significantly enhance your fundraising efforts. Charities that rely solely on traditional fundraising may struggle as our world advances in the digital era, but the reality is that raising more is only possible if you harness the power of technology.

44% of charities don’t have a digital strategy, which is worrying as they all risk getting left behind where others are thriving. The digital transformation of the giving sector allows more money to be raised, improved trust and increased transparency with donors. All of these factors work together to improve charities’ branding and reputation, which means they can help more people whilst establishing long-term futures. 

Keep reading to learn how to turn traditional fundraising methods into digital successes for your organisation.

What Is Traditional Fundraising?

Firstly, let’s clarify what is meant by the term ‘traditional fundraising’.

Traditional fundraising refers to raising funds or financial support for a cause through conventional, in-person methods. These can include things like door-to-door canvassing, auctions, bake sales, and other in-person charity events. Traditional fundraising has been the standard approach for charitable causes for many years, focusing on building a solid rapport with donors through face-to-face interactions.

While these still offer success, they limit the ability for an organisation to expand its reach, and awareness, which greatly affects the amount of vital funds that need to be raised.

Why Does Givergy Believe in Digital Fundraising?

If you have attended any of Givergy’s Future of Fundraising events, you know how strongly we believe in innovation and technology in the fundraising industry. 

The future of fundraising is racing towards digital methods now more than ever due to several reasons:

  1. Digital fundraising allows for increased cost-effectiveness compared to traditional methods. For example, the cost of hosting an online fundraising campaign can be significantly cheaper than hosting an in-person gala. With a digital campaign, a wide range of online fundraising tools can be used, making it easier for charities to engage and excite supporters.
  2. Digital fundraising offers greater convenience and accessibility for donors. Online platforms allow supporters to contribute to causes anytime and anywhere, eliminating geographical barriers and time constraints. This accessibility can lead to increased donor participation and engagement. Moreover, digital platforms provide charitable causes with quality opportunities for storytelling and showcasing impact. 
  3. Digital fundraising reaches critical demographics needed to keep fundraising alive and strong. Younger generations, such as Millennials and Gen Z, are more digitally connected and have different preferences for engaging with charitable causes. By reaching them through digital methods that feel authentic, they are more likely to donate and support.

As our world gains technological advancements, charities can utilise tools that empower them to raise funds, promote their causes, manage donors, engage communities, and collaborate online.

How To Transform Traditional Fundraising Methods

Here are a few traditional fundraising methods along with their suggested digital transformations:

Traditional Method: Door-to-door canvassing 

Digital Method: Online fundraising

Volunteers going door-to-door in a neighbourhood or community, soliciting donations or selling products on behalf of a charitable organisation used to be the norm. Nowadays, people appreciate their privacy a bit more, so having someone knock at the door unexpectedly doesn’t always have the desired impact.

Instead of having volunteers out pounding the pavements, online fundraising is a digital alternative that simplifies the donation process. Furthermore, it has a high chance of success as it increases visibility and reach, enables storytelling and aligns with the preferences of modern donors. Givergy’s fully customisable campaigns allow each organisation to create an online presence that best represents their intentions and goals.

Traditional Method: In-person gala events

Digital Method: Virtual galas

Don’t get us wrong, in-person gala dinners and events are still a proven way to raise money. There’s no need to go completely digital straight off the bat, but embracing the balance the digital world has to offer can make a world of difference. 

By hosting a virtual gala, you can still include exciting event moments like entertainment and testimonials. The difference is that you can reach a larger audience than the boundaries of a room. Many in-person galas are annual events, but with virtual galas, it’s easier to host more than one, giving you the opportunity of making consistent impacts throughout without an expensive budget. 

Furthermore, virtual fundraising contributes to a reduced environmental footprint by eliminating the need for physical travel and printed materials. This aligns with the growing awareness and preference for eco-friendly practices. You can essentially achieve good by doing good!

Traditional Method: Telethons

Digital Method: Live Streams with integrated silent auctions and pledges

We all probably grew up watching televised fundraising campaigns that integrated our favourite celebrities and other forms of entertainment. The big names will likely use this method for a long time, but due to the saturation of smaller charities, it can be hard for some to stand out in this way. 

Live Streams have become powerful tools for fundraising, offering a dynamic and interactive platform that engages audiences in real-time. These are primarily conducted on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch. Livestreams still offer the same levels of engagement and collaboration that telethons have but also integrate the option to easily donate from a phone, tablet, or computer, aligning with the needs of the modern donor.

Live Streams offer interactive features during live events, such as polls, Q&A sessions, and live chat. These features encourage active participation and engagement, making viewers feel more involved in fundraising and your cause.

Go Digital With Givergy

Does your charity need to join the digital world of fundraising sooner rather than later? Even though transitioning to new methods can be scary for some, we can assure you that the benefits outweigh the risks. 

Our team offers a collaborative approach to the task, finding the best digital methods of raising more that will resonate with your existing and potential audience. To find out more, contact us.

Emily Clare

Emily Clare

Campaign Success Team Manager – North America

Emily is an experienced and passionate fundraising and events consultant, working with and supporting clients on their special events and fundraising campaigns all over the world.