Little Kids Rock


Little Kids Rock help keep the passion for music alive in the US public school system by restoring, expanding and innovating music education. Since 2002 they have reached over 1,000,000 children.


The 2021 Virtual Benefit aimed to help raise funds for Little Kids Rock to expand their efforts, reach more kids and supply more curriculum and musical instruments to children who need them. For this virtual benefit, Little Kids Rock set a target of $25,000.




Using Givergy’s online auction facility, Little Kids Rock raised over $100,000, drastically exceeding their target! The online auction opened a week before the event, allowing anticipation to build towards the night itself. By customising their auction items to be as specific as possible to their donors, Little Kids Rock were able to maximise their fundraising returns.


“It’s incredibly important to put time into knowing your donor base and building relationships with them. Think deeply about who your donor base are, and what they want from their auction items. It’s also critical, now more than ever, to consider the broader context of your auction and which items are a good fit for the current moment. For example, we still found vacations to be a slightly more uncomfortable item for donors!”

“Givergy’s platform was seamless and appealed to our donors visually. The ease of use was a big factor for us!”

Little Kids Rock

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