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SickKids Foundation supports Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children through fundraising, which facilitates ground-breaking research, precision health care and education. Since 1875 their mission has been to fight for the health of every child. SickKids Foundation is currently in the final years of the largest fundraising campaign in Canadian healthcare history. The multi-year project aims to raise $1.5 billion to rebuild a state-of-the-art hospital, continue breakthrough research, and build health capacity both in Toronto, and across the globe.


In what will be a familiar story for fundraisers from all parts of Canada, the pandemic and public health restrictions prevented SickKids from pursuing their ‘normal’ in person fundraising events over the past 12 months. However, still keen to engage with donors and edge ever closer to their huge target, SickKids transformed their long established in person event ‘Scrubs in the City’ into ‘Scrubs at Home’ and held a creatively orchestrated online auction.


SickKids partnered with their longstanding catering partner company to curate a menu selection for guests, who then made their choice of food to be delivered on the day of the event. Toronto’s rule of five meant small groups could meet outdoors and this encouraged SickKids to try and foster a dinner party atmosphere, connecting with donors even in their own backyards. Much thought was given to the creative process with the delivery boxes being well branded and designed to engage. Within the food package sat a QR code that directed guests straight to Givergy’s online auction facility. Our online auction had been seamlessly integrated into the video montage made by SickKids’ own AV partners. As a montage of past Scrubs in the City events ran in the background, guests enjoyed their dinner and watched for live auction updates.




‘Scrubs at Home’ was an innovative and successful event with $90,000 being raised through the auction alone. Moreover, the auction, combined with Givergy’s simple donation function, raised $98,750. Incredibly, this was nearly as much as Scrubs raised through their auction when the event last took place in person! This success paves the way for the potential integration of innovative and creative fundraising beyond the pandemic. The funds raised will be used to create cellular therapy facilities within the new hospital!


“Something the pandemic has forced us to do is take more risks, of course, this is easier for such an established charity but being allowed the flexibility to take a change on our fundraising campaigns led to the success of this one. Moreover, ensuring committee members are committed is so important. When they are invested in the success of the event they can really help a lot, utilising their contact base and resources is a great support for the fundraising team.”

“We always have a good experience with Givergy, the silent auction component is always so smooth. We often have some crazy requests and they’re constantly accommodating! It’s such a great user experience and I would definitely recommend Givergy.”

SickKids Foundation - CA

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