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Layne “The Auctionista”

Layne “The Auctionista”

    The Auctionista

Energetic, trustworthy and inspiring, Layne, The Auctionista is an accomplished entertainer in the fundraising and event space. They have over 1,200 successful events under their belt and has raised millions of dollars for charities across North America.

Layne has been leading the wave of philanthropy-based entertainment for over a decade. An experienced not for profit fundraiser, and performer with unparalleled energy and charisma, Layne is a game-changer in the live fundraising landscape.

Layne is also a keynote speaker; engaging audiences about the importance of breaking down barriers and the power of finding your voice. Raw, honest and powerful, Layne delivers their story in a way that will motivates those listening to make life changes. They are a fierce advocate for the LGBTQ2+ community and uses their platform to encourage positive change, educate and inspire.

Layne “The Auctionista”