6 Reasons Why Mobile Bidding Should Be A Staple Element In Your Fundraising Campaign!

6 Reasons Why Mobile Bidding Should Be A Staple Element In Your Fundraising Campaign!

Giving your supporters the opportunity to participate in an online auction in aid of your incredible cause is a simple way to engage your database and attract new supporters! We have the stats to prove it, on average our bespoke online auctions get 253 bids! We know that fundraisers tend to wear many hats, therefore creating and launching elaborate fundraising campaigns can quickly become a daunting prospect. Fear not, were here to help and simplify the process.

Here are 5 reasons why mobile bidding can help you maximize your fundraising efforts:

1) Its fun, competitive and rewarding!

There are very few people who don’t enjoy the intensity of a bidding war or don’t like the idea of getting their hands on an awesome holiday or piece of art which will ultimately help a worthy cause.

There are no losers literally every participant is a winner, whether they actually win the experience, holiday or item, their contribution has ultimately helped raise more money for an amazing cause thus making them a winner!

The committee were unreservedly and unanimously delighted by the ease with which our supporters mastered the auction and the frequency and enthusiasm with which they bid. NSPCC

2) Its super easy

Laborious processes, forms and systems can easily deter donors from interacting with your fundraising campaign. The trick is to make everything a breeze for them, that’s literally what our product development team spend all their time doing! Its one of our core goals to ensure the process to register, bid, make payment is super easy and fun!

Were also committed to making it easy for you, the Event Management System which enables you to take control of uploading auction items, customizing your auction etc. is super intuitive, however if you get stuck you can reach out to our team who are available 24 hours a day!

3) You can easily track success

You can track the success of your auction in real-time at the click of a finger, the dashboard within the Event Management System will reveal your top 10 popular items, top 10 unpopular items and participation level. If you’re teaming your bespoke online auction with an event you can indulge in real-time stats that reveal most bids per table and more!

You can use this data to eliminate bidding lulls during your campaign or event, our fundraising experts are always at hand to share further ideas on how to benefit from the data available.

4) Obtain donated items

Ask your major donors to donate their holiday homes during low season, not only is it a great way to cost effectively build your auction item collection but it will strengthen your relationship with donors.

However, if you’re struggling to source auction items and experiences, we have an entire department dedicated to helping you do just that. Not only will our team talk you through our extensive range, but they will help you distinguish which ones will appeal to your particular demographic, please request a consultation.

5) Build your database

You can use the system to capture data to grow your database, we all know how powerful an engaged database can be so an opportunity to obtain opt-ins should always be seized!

We support over 1,500 charities every year, and the majority of them will use their bespoke online auction as an opportunity to collate opt-ins. Learn more about our approach to GDPR through our privacy notice.

Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web

6) Its cost effective

Fundraising events come in all shapes, sizes and budgets. Whether you’re planning a small community fundraiser, golf day, gala dinner or online campaign you can take advantage of our technology to maximize and streamline your auction! Check out our pricing plan to find a solution that suits yours needs and budget.

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Jordan Morris

Jordan Morris


Jordan joined Givergy after studying Politics with International Relations at the University of York. He has over two years experience within the charity sector working as a face-to-face fundraiser and as a constituency campaigner. After experiencing the sector from within and knowing first-hand the impact digital solutions can make to fundraising strategies, Jordan is now dedicated to innovating the way charities fundraise to ensure they maximise returns from every fundraising campaign.