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No Upfront Costs

Use our platform for free all year round, with no hidden fees.

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Designed for small non-profits to manage fundraising effortlessly.


Our platform is tailored to support your local campaigns without any financial risk.

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Our 6% commission model is ideal for small non-profits, providing the items you need to succeed.

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In-Person and Mobile Solutions to Help Raise More:

Realize your campaign’s potential: our suite of fundraising services is proven to raise up to 50% more for non-profits.

Givergy Features
Prize Draws
  1. Increase accessibility and broaden campaign appeal with lower price points and unique prizes.
  2. Online shareability to increase engagement, perfect for social media!
  3. Easily manage all entries and randomly select a winner.
Silent Auctions
  1. Slick and simple silent auction system that allows donors to bid on their phones, computers, or tablets.
  2. Bespoke bidding technology with flexibility, custom bidding modes and branding.
  3. Easily administer the auction through the platform and monitor bids as they come in.
Payment Processing
  1. Process donations swiftly and securely with pre-authorisation, automated messaging, and fully integrated payment collection.
  2. Streamlined process to minimise processing fees.
  3. View and update the payment status of donors at any time.
Consignment Item Sourcing
  1. We have a wide selection of auction items sourced specifically to appeal to your donors.
  2. Transparent pricing and expert consultation mean you get the most from your auction item selection.
  3. Our simplified process removes the stress of having to find exciting items, giving fundraisers more time to focus on delivering their mission
  1. Our holistic platform has integrated payment collection.
  2. Clearly communicate through the donation portal where the money goes and how it will impact your cause.
  3. Payment details and reporting are updated in real time, making managing donations easy.
  1. Supports individual, table, and sponsorship ticket sales, with the added ability to add promotional codes.
  2. Guests can reserve their ticket and pay later.
  3. Brand your tickets and tailor the guest experience by asking personalised onboarding questions.
Guest Messaging
  1. Ensure clear communication from pre-event right reminders through to the post-event thank you.
  2. Maximize event attendance and campaign participation with automated updates.
  3. Segment and target your guests with personalised messaging making their experience more unique.
Event Check-In and Support
  1. Givergy’s innovative event check-in system saves time and sets the tone for a successful event.
  2. First-class remote or in-person support from our Event Managers, Technical Managers, and Support Staff ensures smooth event operations.
  3. Our professional team handles logistics, allowing you to focus on engaging with your donors.
Fundraising Hosts
  1. Craft compelling appeal moment strategy with an expert.
  2. Drive up the atmosphere of your event on the night and promote audience participation with a professional host.
  3. Utilise our network of industry leaders to your advantage.



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We’re now a certified B corporation!


Why Givergy?

Our mission is to empower charities and individuals to help make the world a better place. We exist to be the Giving Sector’s #1 trusted innovation partner, and to help non-profits embrace digital to drive deeper engagement. It is our sole, unswerving mission to help non- profits raise more and spread their word, whatever message of positive change that may be.

What is Givergy?

Givergy is a global fundraising technology and consultancy company, laser focused on helping non-profits maximize engagement and donations online, and at in-person events. Servicing over 15,000 campaigns across the past decade – raising more than $1 Bn – we’ve become experts at what we do. We’re proudly trusted to support some of the world’s most prestigious charities, such as: amfAR, UNICEF, Marie Curie, GOSH & The Prince’s Trust, as well as 1000’s of smaller organisation’s promoting equally worthy causes.

What sort of events do you support?

Traditionally focussing on large, seated charity dinners, Givergy now provides support to both in-person and online fundraising activities in equal measure. So, whether it’s a gala dinner, golf day or a virtual fundraiser with attendees from across the country and beyond, Givergy has a solution perfect for your needs.

What regions do Givergy operate in?

Our HQ is in London (from which we provide Europe-wide support), but we also have offices in New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Sydney. We have supported fundraising events all over the globe including Singapore, Paris, Cannes and Monaco.

How does Givergy make my job as an event organiser easier?

We won’t pretend to be experts in sound, lighting or catering, but when it comes to fundraising and maximizing your charitable returns, we’ve got you covered. As well as offering class-leading tools to manage your ticket sales, silent auction, prize draw/raffles and donations, we pride ourselves on providing the advice and guidance needed to ensure your event is as successful as it possibly can be. You will have access to Givergy community offering all the resources you should need.

Can you provide me with references of fundraising clients that have used you in the past?

Absolutely. We have a list of testimonials and are more than happy to put you in touch with clients who have had first-hand experience of the Givergy product and service, or even better… those who have used Givergy and another interactive bidding supplier before.

Can I arrange a demo with a Givergy consultant?

We would be delighted to arrange a free consultation, so that we can demonstrate the Givergy platform as well as provide some top-line advice and guidance based on your aims and objectives. Every event and campaign which we support is different to the last, so gaining an insight into what you’re hoping to achieve is a crucial starting point!

How long does it take Givergy to set up?

Your online fundraising page offering ticketing, auction, prize draw and pledge functionality can take as little as a few days to set up, although we always recommend a lead time of at least ten days to ensure your campaign is perfect before launch.

Why should I sell tickets through Givergy?

Givergy provides a comprehensive platform for your event, covering everything from ticket sales and guest registration to fundraising and check-out. By using a single platform, you can ensure your guests are fully registered and familiar with the system before the event. Givergy’s versatile ticketing system allows you to create various ticket types tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, requesting guest information from table hosts is streamlined with Givergy’s all-in-one solution, making event management effortless. In addition, check-in couldn’t be easier with Givergy’s donor management app. Guests will simply need to show the QR code on their ticket upon arrival to be checked in. Wave goodbye to long check-in queues!

Do I need an internet connection

Yes! You want to ensure your guests have access to a strong and stable internet connect at your venue to be able to fundraise with ease. We recommend requesting a dedicated connection for your guests to use upon arrival.

Do pre-event online auction websites actually work?

Yes, in several ways. With the right exposure to your guests or database they act not only as good fundraising tools but also as smart and simple marketing tool that give the event a sleek and professional touch. We’re a big fan of charities using online auctions to help them raise more.

Can a guest remain anonymous?

Yes. Every time a guest places a bid or makes a donation – either via our smartphone platform or a tablet – they have the option of remaining anonymous.

I have several fundraisers planned – what’s the best way of booking?

Once signed up with us, you can run as many campaigns as you like! It's quick and easy to request a new campaign and you’re ready to begin fundraising.

How does Givergy differ when compared to other similar providers in the market?

Despite being a technology company, we recognize that exceptional service is as crucial as the product itself. So, despite having a fantastic product, we really stand out due to the service we provide all our clients and their guests before, during and after the event.

Do you take credit card details from every guest?

Givergy’s pre-authorisation feature allows you to collect guest's cards at registration or before their first bid. That means at the close of the campaign you can simple charge all the winners and send them a congratulatory message. Wave goodbye to endless payment chasing!

Can you help secure auction / consignment items?

Absolutely. Givergy’s auction item department is designed to ensure that each and every Client we work with goes into their event with a range of items guaranteed to ‘wow’ their audience. From artwork, to dining experiences, to luxury holidays, we have incredible money-can’t-buy items ready to slot into your offering!

How much does the Givergy system cost?

Supporting fundraisers of all shapes and sizes, Givergy provide solutions to suit every budget. For our one-off, online-only packages we can offer attractive commission models for clients apprehensive about paying an up-front fee. Alternatively, for clients keen to know exactly what they’re paying in advance, or for in-person events with bigger targets which require on-site support, we can offer flexible flat-fee solutions, depending on the exact requirements. Speak to our team today to understand what’s best for you.

What return on investment can I expect by using Givergy rather than pen and paper?

The million-dollar question! And one which is, unfortunately, very difficult to answer. In our experience, the success of a fundraiser relies on a) the quality of items available, b) the wealth of the audience and their interest in the cause and c) the mechanism through which they are giving. Whilst a) and b) are often areas in which we have no control, we’re here to ensure that we have you covered with c), by providing a fun, engaging and competitive bidding platform which your supporters will love using.

So, whilst it’s hard to pin a number on the kind of return you can expect, you should take comfort from the fact that, when clients move from paper to Givergy, they never look back.

I am trying to get a sponsor for the silent auction system, what are the benefits for them?

Our smartphone platform, fundraising tablets and leaderboards all provide various exposure opportunities for would-be sponsors, giving their logo/branding pride-of-place within one of the focal points of the evening – the fundraising platform.

If you’d like a little more information on this, please let the team know.


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*89%+ donors opt to cover this fee!