Mobile Bidding

Chloe Colquitt

Client Service Manager

“Our award-winning mobile bidding technology is simple, fun, and easy to use, bringing silent auctions to life to help your charity raise more during live and online fundraising events.”


Mobile bidding is the most accessible form of bidding yet. Every guest and participant can bid using their cell phone. With fast and safe connections to their online bank, it’s the quickest and most direct way to receive bids.

Mobile bidding software will transform your events, giving you complete control over your bids. It will improve the time management of your events as well as bring a new fun and exciting element to your auction. By using a mobile bidding platform, events will be memorable, creating a unique experience for all. If you want your auction events to be the talk of the town, you need a mobile bidding platform like no other.



At Givergy, the leading auction platform, we provide mobile auction software for all of your auction events. We understand that no two events are the same, which is why we adapt our mobile bidding solutions in order to bring you and your guests a bespoke experience.

Mobile real-time bidding gives your guests full control over how they spend money at your event. Providing online mobile bidding in place of traditional bidding methods makes it unique. A mobile device is an extremely personal item and by tying your event to your guest’s device, you create an experience of trust, encouraging more donations than ever.

You can tailor our mobile fundraising platform with your branding, modes and more. Give your guests the experience of unrivaled accessibility to your event while you benefit from detailed mobile bidding reviews and analytics. This will help the event management of your auction or online fundraising event. It will also improve your bidding experience and auction experience for your guests.


Mobile fundraising software is extremely easy to use, that’s why it’s so brilliant. Mobile bidding technology and mobile bidding apps enhance your events and online auctions, providing instant guest engagement for outbid notifications, messaging, and invoicing.

All you need to do is:

  1. Supply the guests at your event with the link to the mobile fundraising software – no app download is required!
  2. From there, they can scroll through all the auction items on offer
  3. When guests like an item, they simply click on it and click bid. It is up to them how much they bid above the minimum. They will need to enter the amount and submit their bid.
  4. Guests will then reach a login/sign-up page
  5. As soon as their details are captured, their bid will be accepted.
  6. They can then track their bids and be notified of when they have been outbid. These notifications will come via SMS with a link direct to the item’s page for them to bid again.

Simple, quick, and easy.


Mobile fundraising software will make your life easier no matter what type of auction event you are running. The most popular modes of mobile bidding software are:

  • Standard bidding – the classic scenario of an auction where the bidder can bid as many times as they like. If they wish, they can remain anonymous and stay up to date in the ‘My Bids’ section.
  • Max bidding – as if mobile bidding wasn’t easy enough, adding max bidding onto your mobile bidding platform will allow users to set a maximum bid with an automated process that places a new bid each time theirs is outbid, up to their maximum bid, of course.
  • Sealed bidding – mobile phone or cell phone bidding provides anonymity in a room, but sealed bidding truly gives an anonymous experience. The auction item will display how many bids have been placed, but no idea as to the maximum bid or who placed it.

The following features come as standard with whichever mode of bidding you choose, meaning your guests will always get the best mobile bidding platform experience:

Easy-to-use mobile fundraising platform

Live reporting

Secure payment processing

Live leaderboards

Expert support

Connective reliability


“The Givergy staff were some of the nicest people I had met in a long time! They were thrilled to be there helping us and they really contributed to the atmosphere of the event. The fundraising platform was easy to use for both guests and us as the client, helping us hit our fundraising target!”

Lanier-Forsyth Rotary Club

“We like to ensure all system components of the event are straightforward for the guests, including registering and bidding in our auctions. Givergy makes the process simple and has covered all bases to enable guests to take part with ease. Having an experienced Givergy technical support consultant makes a lot of difference”

Emily Wilson, Data Manager - Wishlist

“Our overall experience working with Givergy was very positive. We took their recommendation on timing for the run-of-show, and it worked well. Production was flawless and all technical aspects of the virtual event were seamless!”

Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon


Click here or call +1 236 326 6253 to learn more about mobile bidding and get started today!


Mobile bidding is the most accessible way to raise funds for any auction event. It’s clear, simple, secure and safe for all your guests. We believe that every auction event needs mobile bidding if they’re going to have the success they dream of. To find out more, check out our Ultimate Guide to Mobile Bidding.

No! You simply provide your guests with the fundraising URL and they can access the website to bid.

You can find out more about payment collection here.

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