Effortless Ticketing and Check–In for Nonprofit Events

Elevate your fundraising events and enhance donor experience with our streamlined ticketing system, designed to simplify every step from sale to seat.

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$33 million raised last year through ticket sales alone

200 tickets in the hands of donors every 24 hours

$74,000 average raised per campaign

Our Comprehensive Ticketing Solution

Optimize your nonprofit event ticketing with Givergy's secure, integrated platform. Effortlessly manage ticket sales, guest details, and check-in which supports individual, table, sponsorship tickets and promotional codes. Plus, gain valuable data from each transaction to inform your next campaign. Our solution offers simplicity and speed, allowing you to focus more on your mission and less on logistics.


Single, Table, and Sponsorship Tickets:

Unlock a world of possibilities with flexible ticketing options for individuals, tables, or sponsors.

Promotional Codes

Boost attendance with customizable promotional codes that entice and engage your audience.

Guest Onboarding Questions

Tailor the event experience from the start with personalized onboarding questions for every guest.

Automatic Registration for Your Fundraising Site

Streamline your event setup with automatic registration that syncs directly with your fundraising platform to site.

Branded Digital Tickets

Enhance your event’s identity with professionally branded digital tickets that both impress and inform.

QR Code Tickets

Speed up entry and reduce lines with quick-scan QR code tickets for a smooth check-in experience.

SMS and Email Reminders

Keep your event top-of-mind with timely SMS and email reminders that ensure high turnout.

Guest and Seating Management

Manage your event seamlessly with sophisticated tools for guest tracking and seating arrangements.

Payment Services

Securely process payments with options for guests to cover fees (which significantly reduces your costs) and provide flexibility through instant transactions or invoices.

Reserve Your Ticket and Pay Later

Increase commitment with the convenience of reserving tickets now and paying later.



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Know more about Ticketing

Yes tables can be sold through Givergy . For example, a couple’s ticket is a table ticket with a seat count of 2. A golf foursome is a table ticket with a seat count of 4. A standard gala table is a table ticket with a seat count of 8 or 10.

You will have access to customise all email and SMS notifications sent to you guest once a ticket has been purchased.

A ticket will be sent to guests once their contact details have been filled out by the purchasers. This can be completed when first purchasing the tickets or updated later under ‘Manage Tickets’. More on purchasing tickets here.

Yes, custom messages can be sent to anyone with a ticket (purchasers and guests) as well as Ticket Purchasers with missing guest details.You can find out more about sending custom messages here.

Yes, sponsorship packages can be sold through Givergy. You can find out how to create sponsorships for your event here.


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