All Within My Hands Foundation


All Within My Hands – the charitable foundation established by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Metallica.


After AWMH’s first experience with Givergy – the massively successful, worldwide Helping Hands Concert & Auction raising $360,000 – the foundation established a more sustainable and long-term strategy utilizing the Givergy platform. AWMH now hosts ongoing monthly auctions lasting for one week at a time. The aim of the foundation is to enrich communities by battling food insecurity, facilitating and empowering career and technical education, and funding critical local services as needs arise.




In just four short months featuring a single auction each time, AWMH has already raised $15,425.

“All our budgetary considerations were handled in one conversation. This means we can focus more of our time, effort, and creativity on the causes that matter to us. Planning our fundraising endeavors has become much more efficient with a subscription we know we can integrate into any campaign.”

Associate Director, AWMH Foundation

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