Dear Givergy Community,

We hope by now you’ve heard the good news: Givergy is a Certified B Corp as of December 2022! Our commitment to both people and our planet is now certified, and this is just the beginning of our lifelong journey. Since 2009, we’ve supported leaders like you who are impacting the lives of so many important communities, so it only made sense for us to take things one step further with a B Corp Certification. We’re excited to join more than 6,000 companies in more than 80 countries and 150 industries that are meeting high standards of social and environmental impact.

For those that don’t know, becoming a B Corp requires meeting a certain threshold of performance across five key organisational pillars as seen above. It starts with a B Impact Assessment containing over 150 questions about our company, and we’re proud to have obtained a score of 110 where only 80 is required. It also involves being dedicated to upholding transparency, equitable practices, and legal commitments. We join thousands of companies all over the world who share our same values of creating real, positive impact.

Hopefully, you’ve been a witness to our dedication to provide an excellent product and even better service, all done with the intention of helping you raise more for your organisation. If you’re new to Givergy, welcome! We have great plans in the making for fundraisers like you and I’m excited for our team to bring them to life.

For an official update, view our press release here.


governance-icon Governance

Being a Certified B Corp is all about committing to a different way of doing business. Instead of solely focusing on shareholders, or the bottom line of profit, we commit to a more holistic form of decision making as a Certified B Corp. One where we consider the interests of all our stakeholders, including our employees, our customers, the wider society and the environment. We are proud that this commitment is being incorporated into our company articles of association. This means that even if leaders within the company change, our commitment to people and the planet will remain the same.

workers Workers

We love technology, it’s what we do. Every day, we see the joy it brings our amazing clients to have access to the latest fundraising tools. However, technology on its own can be cold and intimidating. We know that it’s the warmth of the people here at Givergy that brings our company and our technology to life. Without every member of staff who has been on the Givergy journey over the past decade, we simply wouldn’t be here. We wouldn’t have helped charities all over the world raise over £500M since our inception. To this end, we strive to make Givergy a safe and nurturing environment for all our employees. Our policies ensure that our working environment is compassionate, fair, and inclusive. We pay all staff a living wage and facilitate access to counselling sessions for those that need it. What people need from work is constantly changing, but we are committed to making Givergy a wonderful place to work.


We consider ourselves lucky to service some of the world’s biggest charities making large scale impact, as well as smaller grass roots organisations that are often pillars of their communities. Simply put, our clients, and the amazing work they do, drive us to get out of bed in the morning and work hard. We love supporting their diverse work and much of what we do at Givergy is designed specifically around their direct feedback. We’re constantly innovating on behalf of the charity sector, making fundraising as seamless and efficient as possible. Moreover, our clients motivate us every day to be better just by being who they are. Data security and payment processing is paramount to us and through partnering with Stripe, we ensure that all money raised for our clients through our platform is completely ringfenced.


Without community, what do we really have? At Givergy, we want to cultivate a sense of community across the fundraising industry and foster real connections. This is why we created the Givergy Community, providing charities with educational material and support that allow them to fundraise for their causes more effectively. Additionally, our team members are encouraged to find projects that are important to them in their community and give back their time. Indeed, we give each employee over a week of paid leave every year specifically for this purpose!

planet-icon Planet

We only have one planet that we can collectively call home. Yet every year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report warns us that this planet, our home, is under grave threat of environmental breakdown unless we take serious, urgent, action to stop it. At Givergy, we know that business cannot be immune from those warnings and we must do our part to facilitate change. As a Certified B Corp, we are committed to upholding operations that will positively impact the planet. Here’s what we have achieved so far:

  • Certified B Corporation
  • Operationally Carbon Neutral
  • Use 100% Renewable Energy
  • Regularly fund carbon offset projects through Climate Partner
  • Committed to always making progress

View our official B Corp profile by clicking here.