Grow Your ‘Mo’ For Movember
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1st Nov 2017

Grow Your ‘Mo’ For Movember

Wednesday November 1st2017 marks the beginning of this years Movember campaign. Movember is a movement that challenges men all over the globe to grow a moustache for the 30 days of November in order to raise awareness and funds for the physical and mental health of men. The Movember Foundation claim thatthe campaign will reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%.

Whether its a trucker, a regent, or a connoisseur, your moustache can be a badge of honour that inspires donations, raises awareness, and makes a genuine change in mens health all over the world.


Here are 5 game changing tips straight fromThe Movember Foundationon how to make sure your moustache is as good as it can possibly be:

  • Be prepared. Before your first follicle appears, choose the moustache that will grace your face by browsing the inspirationalMovember Mo Style Guide.
  • Be brave. The first few days, even weeks, can be uncomfortable and a little awkward as your facial fuzz grows and your Mo takes shape.
  • Ignore the itching. Remind yourself that men have endured worse in the past, you can stand a little face tickle.
  • Shape your moustache using proper grooming techniques. A great Mo comes down to grooming.
  • Nurture it and keep it clean. Look after your Mo, and your Mo will look after you!

Alternatively, if you cant grow a mo, there is still plenty of ways that you can involved. If you’re interested in learning more, here arethree ideasthat you can implement to get you started!

Our global offices are looking forward to growing a mo for this truly amazing initiative. Our Mo game gets stronger every year, so keep an eye on ourInstagramto track our progress!

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