Tips To Start Planning A Successful Christmas Campaign!

Tips To Start Planning A Successful Christmas Campaign!

Running a Christmas fundraising campaign is fundamental for charities, as you can really utilise the generosity of people at this time of year. The competition is fierce, as lots of organisations are fundraising, so its important to come up with a plan of action

Define your goal

Your fundraising target for the year might be to raise 500,000, but would you want to share that figure with the general public? Aim high, but with something achievable to encourage people to support your cause. Explain exactly what this money will be spent on, so people can directly attribute their donation to doing good. Rather than saying you want to stop world hunger, tell potential donors that if you raise 500,000 you will provide 3 meals a day for 30,000 people every year.

Establish a specific cause to fund

People want to know exactly where their money is going. Define your goal, but tell donors exactly where, when and who their money will benefit. You could create a timeline showing that if X amount is raised, in the first year you could provide clean water and food to a specific town, and by the following year have built 3 schools so the children of that town no longer have to walk XX miles to get an education. Showing the ongoing impact of donations will not only encourage people to support but also strengthen your chances of getting repeat donations.

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Look into the different ways you can fundraise

How will you raise funds? If you have a large network of generous donors you could set up a charity gala or dinner. Incorporate a silent auction to encourage people to donate and you could sell tickets to the event in order to cover the expenses. Instead of using pen and paper for bids or donations, try using fundraising technology; which will make the whole event more interactive and competitive for your guests. If you don’t have the funds to put on an event, you could try fundraising online instead. You could sell items or experiences, or encourage people to donate via your website, using social media. With an online campaign the possibilities and reach are endless! site with David Beckham.jpg

Devise a meticulous plan

You might think that you have plenty of time to create a campaign, but the sooner you get started, the more likely that your campaign will be a success! Try creating a spreadsheet with deadlines and assign various tasks to different members of your team to manage. Having every detail outlined, means you can clearly measure your progress and if any tasks rely on external parties, always have a back-up plan in place.

Promote, promote, promote!

Whichever type of campaign you choose, you’ll need to market your campaign far and wide in order to find new potential donors. Use social media to attract a younger demographic, hit up your previous donors via email and remember to thank them for their continued support. If you have a larger budget to play with you could try advertising on TV, the radio or music streaming platforms like Spotify, to really take your campaign to the next level. Remember the more striking the campaign, the more likely people will be to share with their friends, family and followers.

Tip: Create exciting content that is shareable and use hashtags to improve visibility

Following the steps above will set you on your way to create a campaign that will be a huge success, but we’ve also compiled a Christmas Campaign Checklist so you don’t miss any vital aspects!


Ben Crook

Ben Crook

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