Emily Clare

Senior Client Service Manager

“Givergy’s donation platform makes it incredibly easy give and ensures complete accuracy for an online donation drive, or during a fund-a-need moment at a live event.”


Running an online donation drive is a great way to hit your fundraising goal, by allowing supporters to give and share with ease. In addition, a fund-a-need moment during a live event will spark supporter excitement and encourage donations. For most, a big portion of a campaign’s proceeds come from this type of fundraising, which is why it’s crucial to get it right.



You can be incredibly successful by running a simple and well-communicated donation drive for both online campaigns and live fundraising events. With our donation platform, you can communicate to donors exactly where the money goes and how it will be spent, further establishing a connection between the donor and your organization.

As you plan your campaign, remember a dedicated pledge drive doesn’t need to be coupled with an auction. Every year, we support hundreds of fundraising campaigns using just our donation platform. Our solutions make it simple and quick for supporters to donate.

In addition, our online donation platform includes integrated payment collection. That means as soon as a donation is made, we collect payment details and your reports are updated in real-time.


Maximise Fundraising

Increase Engagement

Gift Aid

Secure Payment Processing

Live Leaderboards

Supporter Involvement


“Givergy is a highly professional and easy to use platform, for both charity and donor. The Givergy team is supportive and helpful prior and throughout campaign. I would definitely recommend Givergy and will be using them again in future campaigns.”

Development Officer, English Touring Opera

“Givergy gives you the platform, tools, and assistance needed to create a great online auction.”

Assistant Director of Development, Symphony Space

“We could not ask for a better partnership, we are so blessed to have (Givergy) on our fundraising side and look forward to working with them for many years in the future.”

Development Director, Kickstart Kids


We have the platform, experience and support to help you smash your donations target. Click here or call +1 323 536 1651 to get started today!


It is very simple for guests to donate! They simply click on Make a Donation, choose their desired donation level (if applicable) or enter the amount they wish to donate and hit Donate Now. If not done so already, they will be asked to register their details at this stage. If configured for payment, guests will then be taken through to enter their card details. Once paid, an e-receipt will be sent to them straight away.

Typically, yes. Guests will view the donation options on the website and choose their desired donation amount. From there they will be asked to provide their information and create an account if they have not done so already. They will then be prompted to enter their credit card information to complete their donation. If they do not complete this final stage, the donation will be marked on their account as an unpaid pledge and you can follow up with them at the end of the campaign to collect payment.

If you would like for guests to be able to donate without completing payment immediately this can be configured however it does mean that you need to follow up with guests post-event and ensure they follow through with payment.

A Givergy totaliser will make a huge difference to your pledge moment. It makes this moment extra interactive and allows guests to see exactly how far away from the target you are, encouraging everyone to dig deep. 

To view our Givergy Leaderboards, click here. To view our Bespoke Totalizer options click here. Please discuss with your Givergy consultant on the options available to you.

For a pledge moment/fund-a-need you need to connect your guests with the charity and tug on their heart strings at this point. This is the time for your emotive video or even better a live speech from a benefiter of the charity. Once all guests in the room really understand how their money can help, start your pledge moment! This should be delivered by your fundraising host who has a sound knowledge of the Givergy system to make use of the technology to aid its success. A great way to encourage participation is to tie the individual increments to very meaningful topics.




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