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Givergy is committed to ensuring that you, the non-profit, are the main beneficiary from any auction item provided by us for your auction from the very first bid! With an unrivalled collection of auction items available to you to suit all budgets, the Givergy auction item collection is the most transparent, contemporary and non-profit focused service available.


  1. You select items from the brochure that you think will best suit your audience. We can by all means advise using our expertise if needs be.
  2. The item goes into your auction at the Reserve Price. To ensure transparency this Reserve Price is made up of the following elements:
    1. Item Cost: the price, excl. TAX, which Givergy pays the supplier for the item
    2. Capped Margin: Givergy’s commission, excl. TAX, to cover sourcing and provision.
    3. Non-profits Minimum Margin: this ensures that if the item sells at the reserve price the non-profit makes a profit
  3. The non-profits margin, built into the reserve price and all monies raised above this make up the total charity profit.
“Givergy was the unexpected gold mine our event needed. Without the support of this technology the excitement and memories along with the fundraising goals would not
have been possible.”
“The tablets and bidding kiosks showed they were up to date with today’s technology helping keep guests interested in bidding on items. They were a huge factor in making the event an overall huge success. We thank them for their efforts and support.”
"I was blown away by the ease of the Givergy process leading up to our large-scale event. Not only were the staff extremely knowledgeable and professional but they also assisted our guests with extraordinary patience and skill. They were truly wonderful representatives and ambassadors for our organization."
"Givergy is one of the top companies out there for auction services. They provide top notch service, and they are truly a partner in the process."
"The Givergy team went above and beyond to make our gala a huge success! No matter what we asked for, they did everything they could to make it possible. Our guests enjoyed their personal giving experience, and we raised more than our goal! Looking forward to the opportunity to work with them again."
“Thank you so much to the whole team for all of your help throughout this process, everyone at the Benefit LOVED everything about Givergy."
“Thank you all for everything! You have all been seriously incredible! We thoroughly enjoyed working with you and are ecstatic to see the almost $10,000 increase in revenue from our silent auction!”