Trillium Health Partners Foundation


Givergy are honoured to have worked with Trillium Health Partners Foundation for a few years now. This non-profit based in Canada is a hospital charity that raises the crucial funds needed to advance the highest priority needs of Trillium Health Partners. The work is carried out across three sites: Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital and Queensway Health Centre. Together, the partnership of these three organizations forms one of the largest community academic hospitals in Canada.

With a mission too, ‘inspire our community to invest in a new kind of health care for a healthier community’, the non-profit has a big responsibility to raise funds every year. Furthermore, thanks to the growing requirements of the services, the mission is expanding rapidly every year. The Trillium Diwali Gala 2023 is part of a series of much-loved annual events that the organization is known for designed to raise money and awareness.

Fundraising Challenges

The non-profit felt that one of the main challenges to overcome with an event like this is choosing auction prizes that will bring excitement yearly. The balance of trying to find a prize that would bring attention, appeal to the right audience and fit budgets were all contributing factors to this.

This year, the main prize was not donated until one week before the event, which caused some internal stress. However, thanks to the speed of the Givergy system, this could be added quickly so that interest and awareness could be picked up immediately.

Event Highlights

2023 was the 22nd year this event was running, so high expectations were already in place for its success. As the largest Diwali celebration held in Canada with almost 1000 guests, ensuring the smooth running of all aspects was essential. To achieve this, Givergy supplied 95 tablets and hands-on support for the event itself. This resulted in a positive experience for guests who commented that the overall experience was enjoyable. As we have provided tablets and digital links before, guests commented that they expected to be greeted with these devices, which meant they already knew how to donate, which is always half the battle. With a varied audience, this method of donating worked well to suit everyone in the room.

The auction was opened one week before the event, meaning $23,000 had already been raised before the evening. The display of these totals on the screen was a huge motivator for people in the room and spurred everyone to donate.

The team at Trillium found the ability to pull reports and use the Givergy platform helpful. The event was a huge success, with no glitches and a room full of smiling faces.

Amount Raised

The event’s target was $145,000 CAD which we are thrilled to report was exceeded with the final total coming in at $213,590! This included $138,900 from pledges, $74,090 from the silent auction and $600 from buy it now items.


We asked Lida Klemmensen what her top tips were for using Givergy at an event of this size to which she commented:

  • Try To encourage guests to donate prizes for including prior to the night off. It’s best to get auction listings finalized in good time to drum up interest and reduce stress on the evening.
  • Start uploading items as you get them to make them detailed, it can take a long time.

“Emily and the team were a huge help. The platform is intuitive and we raised more than our target which was brilliant. Thanks Givergy!”

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your next fundraising event or online fundraising campaign. We’d love to hear from you!