The Forward Trust


Founded in 1991, The Forward Trust “empowers people to break the cycles of addiction or crime to move forward with their lives”. The organisation focuses on creating lasting change and better lives with jobs, family, friends, and a sense of community.


The Forward Trust runs an annual quiz night with 130 guests at the Tabernacle in London. Having been active for several years now, the event is a popular date within the charity’s fundraising calendar and continues to rise in popularity each year.


Lots of planning went into the quiz night, with tablets from Givergy being used to support this mobile-focused event. Whilst guests could use their own devices to connect with the auction, having tablets available ensured that everyone could participate in the fundraising efforts that night. Oursilent auction and pledge features were used to achieve this event and received brilliant feedback.




Having skipped the event for a few years due to pandemic, The Forward Trust was thrilled to exceed their £15,000 target by an additional £1,400. Whilst online fundraising had continued, it was an apprehensive time waiting to see how in-person events would be received, but thankfully, due to our fundraising services and dedicated guests, the event was a fantastic success.


“Always focus on what the potential audience is going to want and expect from an event”, says Laura Ganpot, an event manager at The Forward Trust.

The Forward Trust are fortunate to have had the experience of running several events, all of which they can learn from. Givergy ensures that even if you don’t have this legacy information, we can help you find the best solution for raising funds.

“Great service as always! The event ran smoothly with great auction prizes and happy guests! It’s tough to run a quiz event and serve a three-course menu simultaneously, so the timings were very tight, but all worked well.”

The Forward Trust

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