Food for the Poor Canada


Food for the Poor Canada works across the Caribbean and Latin America, building strong prosperous communities through basic aid and sustainable community development.


In order to raise money for a small community in Guyana, a golf day was hosted, on behalf of Food for the Poor, that included a silent auction. As is the norm with issues areas that seem niche, the event was quite small. Organisers were keen to test the capabilities of the Givergy platform before deciding on whether to integrate the technology into a larger event happening later in the year.




The golf day and silent auction were reported as very successful. The crowd attending the event were not particularly tech savvy but quickly felt comfortable negotiating the online auction. Mobile registration was very important as donors could seamlessly engage through a device that they were already so familiar with – their own phone! Moreover, push notifications served as useful reminders, gently keeping attention on the auction items throughout the day. As service functionality was an incredibly important factor in making their future decisions, event organisers left the golf day feeling confident that the Givergy platform could perform when needed.


“With the auction, think really carefully about the context of your items. More and more we’re seeing people want enticing experiences that they can enjoy without travelling to the other side of the world. Connecting your donors with meaningful experiences could be one way to really maximise your fundraising.”

“A wonderful experience with consistent, high quality support, both electronically and by chat or phone. This made any issues easy to solve. The Givergy system is intuitive and easy to use… so much so that we are planning our second program in November of this year.”

Food for the Poor Canada

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