Ticketing and Guest Management with Givergy’s Fundraising Platform

Ticketing and Guest Management with Givergy’s Fundraising Platform

Givergy presents a comprehensive solution designed to cater to your charity’s fundraising, ticketing, and event management requirements. We offer an array of features that simplify your event processes and enhance ticket sales through our top-tier fundraising platform. As industry experts, we support any kind of event: live, virtual, and hybrid, including online campaigns. Whether you’re an individual fundraiser, small organisation, or a large company with several locations, keep reading to learn how Givergy can streamline your fundraising efforts. 

Fundraising & Event Ticket Types

We know that sometimes a one-size-fits-all solution may not meet your needs as a fundraiser, which is exactly why we have a variety of ticketing types to use at your next event.

  • Individual tickets: Guests can purchase individual event tickets.
  • Table tickets: Guests can purchase event tickets for an entire table, ideal for group or corporate bookings.
  • Sponsor packages: Offer sponsor packages with or without event tickets that cater to different sponsorship levels.
  • Optional donations: Guests can choose to make additional donations during a ticket purchase.
  • Discount codes: Offer discount codes or promotions for ticket purchases.

Payment Options for Event Guests

With data protection and security in mind, there are two main ways Givergy can process payments from guests.

Secure payment gateway: Guests can conveniently pay for their tickets using a debit or credit card through our secure payment gateway, ensuring a safe and seamless transaction experience. They also have the opportunity to save their card information for future ticket purchase or donations.

Invoice payment: Guests can reserve tickets by choosing to pay via invoice. Using Givergy’s intuitive reporting system, you can review all guests who select this option and generate invoices within the Givergy platform or externally, as per your preference.

If a guest purchases a ticket directly outside of Givergy, you can easily add their information to the system and assign a ticket accordingly.

Custom Ticketing

With Givergy’s fundraising platform, you can build questions throughout the guest ticketing journey for an enhanced user experience. You have the flexibility to configure as many questions as needed, choosing from question types such as multiple choice, single choice, or free text. These questions can be directed towards the purchaser, attending guests, or both. Givergy’s Campaign Management System (CMS) allows you to effortlessly review and edit the answers provided.

You can also customise tickets with additional copy, imagery, logos, and more. This way, your guests receive beautifully branded tickets that are perfectly in line with the theme of your event.

A Seamless Ticketing Experience

We like to make things easy for fundraisers and event guests alike. Once a ticket is purchased, the purchaser will receive a booking confirmation by email and SMS text message, along with their ticket if they indicated their attendance. If the purchaser adds their guests’ contact details, the guests will receive their tickets as well.

Each ticket includes a unique QR code which can be easily scanned at the event entrance using the Givergy Event App for swift and hassle-free check-in.

You’ll also never worry about event registration again! All guests are automatically registered in the Givergy system, ready for future fundraising activities.

Effective Guest Communication

You have the ability to send custom SMS text messages and emails to your guests throughout your event or campaign journey with Givergy. Use this feature to send important information such as table numbers in advance, ensuring that guests have all the necessary details at their fingertips. If you’re running an auction before or during your event, consider sending a message to notify guests when the auction begins and closes!

Efficient Guest Management

Givergy’s table management feature empowers you to seamlessly manage the tables your guests are assigned to, simplifying the process in just a few steps. Once your guests are assigned, why not send them an SMS to highlight their table number?

When guests approach check-in, the team will be able to easily see each guest’s table number, and any other required notes to provide to the guest.

Givergy’s Donor Management App & Payment Devices

You can effortlessly oversee your event from check-in (using QR codes) to check-out (with our payment readers) with the Givergy Donor Management app. This comprehensive app allows your team to make bids, place donations, purchase prize draw tickets, and use instant buys for your guests. Moreover, you can conveniently track fundraising totals and individual guest purchases directly from your smartphone or Givergy iPad.

By utilizing Givergy’s comprehensive suite of tools, you can optimize your ticketing and guest management processes easily, providing a seamless experience for your charity events and maximizing your fundraising potential.

If you would like more information on ticketing and event management solutions for an upcoming fundraising campaign or event, please get in touch!

Ella Jacques

Ella Jacques

Global Client Services Manager at Givergy

Ella heads up the global Fundraising & Events team. A key part of Givergy’s growth for four years, Ella has a passion for event planning and ensuring her and her teams’ clients exceed their fundraising targets. Furthermore, Ella’s exposure to some of the highest-profile fundraising events gives her a unique insight into the newest and most innovative way in which charities are engaging with their audiences.