Implement Snapchat Into Your Online Fundraising Campaign

Implement Snapchat Into Your Online Fundraising Campaign

Snapchat has become a staple app on smart phones for people all around the world. More importantly, it has been used by charities recently to support their online fundraising campaigns with huge success.

WWF created Snapchat specific content with the purpose of raising awareness of their cause; using selfie inspired images of tigers to draw attention to their plea to help save them. The campaign was especially effective, as they played on what makes Snapchat unique, whilst getting their message across in a clear and concise way

Another great example is from the Young Enterprise for Northern Ireland. The charity focused on helping people under 24 to start their own business; using Snapchat in order to share business ideas, words of inspiration and tips on how to run a successful business. The engagement on their Snapchat posts were high, averaging at 70%, which helped towards their goal to inspire young entrepreneurs.

Snapchat has a very particular user base; over 70% of its audience is under 35, the majority being 13-24 years old and 70% are also female; ideal for charities looking to target young women. Snapchat provides an alternative way to interact with your target audience, but you will need to consider how you build a following and what type of content you should post.
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How to implement Snapchat into your online fundraising campaign

What should be stressed is that Snapchat will require a different strategy to all other social media content. This is due to the fact that the app makes it difficult to capture the data of those that have viewed your post or shared your links. However, there are a number of other things you can do:

1. Use interactivity

Content originally was restricted to appearing for only 10 seconds, and while that may no longer be the case, its good practice to have content in bite size chunks which is easy for viewers to digest. Snapchat recently added Geo filters, which is a filter someone can place over their image if they are in a certain radius. If you’re running a fundraising event you could create a mini filter with the event name, and your own branding to promote the event further. Prices start from $35 per day.

2. Provide exclusive content

If your audience is able to see content on Snapchat that cannot be found anywhere else, it will give them a reason to keep coming back. Some of the ways this could be achieved is by providing behind the scenes footage, such as a video of your organisation building a house or giving food to those in need. The content has to be engaging and shareable to encourage users to send the video on to their own followers and increase your reach.

3. Content that your audience wants to see

Make sure that everything you post is of interest to your community and this requires a sound knowledge of your target audience. If your business is able to educate or entertain (better yet, do both!), in a short space of time then you will be able to keep the attention of the younger generation.

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*Data from Omicore Agency 2017

Why some non-profits should be cautious

Snapchat isn’t for everyone, its specifically used to target a younger demographic. If you’re working with a limited budget, then its probably not realistic to advertise on Snapchat as creating custom geo-filters can get expensive. Snapchat stories can only be viewed by those who have added your account or have been shared by a friend. There are no hashtags or trending topics, so if you want to grow your following on Snapchat you will have to do this externally. This can make it more of a challenge to build a following than other social media platforms, but it also means that if your brand has an established audience then Snapchat can provide a unique way to interact with them.

The app is designed around individuals and so Snapchat content needs to come across as personable. Some organisations have used influencers with a large following to promote on their behalf, but this will require spending. If you have a small budget, you could try using a member of the team who comes across as warm, friendly and engaging to host the content. This will make your audience feel like they are following an individual not a company.

There are more options than ever when it comes to choosing a social media platform, but do not automatically disregard Snapchat. The platform provides an innovative way to interact with the public and could help you fundraise online. Snapchat isn’t about advertising, its a way to speak personally to your audience and give them something to relate to. The social media app wont give you a list of people to add your database, but it will share a different aspect of your campaign which can help to reach your fundraising goal!

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