Givergy Auction Items Experience Reviews

Givergy Auction Items Experience Reviews

Sourcing auction items is one of the most challenging things most fundraisers face when planning their event, you can listen to our best practice here, so when you do get your hands on that great item how do you know if its actually any good?

Givergy’s unrivalled lots collection offers fundraisers the opportunity to create a perfectly balanced collection to complement the items you may already have had donated in order to offer your guests the very best variety of items to bid for. Whilst knowing more about the types of items and experiences Givergy can provide is important, and something we are asked about regularly, its also hugely valuable for fundraisers to hear about the quality of our items from people who have experienced them for themselves.

Overview: Whisky Tasting
Month/Year: March 2016
Review: A great evening of whisky tasting and food pairing to match – what more would you want!

This was a great introduction to whisky for both newbies and whisky lovers alike. I sit somewhere in the middle as I love whisky, but I don’t know a lot about it or the different types.

We were in a group of 16 and were all made to feel relaxed and welcomed by our host. As we arrived, each placemat was set up with three whiskies and a meze platter including cold meats, cheese, dates and even a scotch egg!

Our host then talked us through the history of the SMWS, who actually buy all of their whisky as single cask and have their own team of tasters to decide which whisky to sell that must be a hard job!

We were then talked through the tasting notes of the three chosen whiskies all of which had very amusing names chosen by a group of in house tasters. Our host also suggested the different food that paired well with each whisky perfectly matched.

Overall it was a really fun experience, and a great way to pick up some whisky knowledge. Even if you’re a whisky buff then its even a great opportunity taste some extra special single cask! – Sophie Clarke

Experience: 7 nights in a Stunning Tuscan Villa for 10 people
Month/Year: July 2016
Review: Over the summer myself and 7 others spent a week relaxing, drinking wine and eating copious amounts of cheese in the heart of Italy and despite the slightly raised cholesterol, it was absolutely perfect.

Situated on the side of a hill in the middle of Tuscany, Villa Nello had a beautiful view over the whole valley and the location made us feel like the only people for miles around. The villa itself was top notch with beautiful spacious bedrooms, bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. The pool and sun lounging area was a great size for our group.

Ugo (villa owner) popped in to check if everything was okay and was very helpful with local knowledge, directions and any questions we had. He even gifted us one of his delicious bottles of Gin, which he distils locally and distributes globally. 10/10, would recommend and take me with you! Michael Logan

Overview: Champagne Tasting in Champagne (Epernay, France)
Month/Year: October 2016
Review: “The most special of all the champagne tastings organized by Grape Escapes was the VIP private tour at de Castellane.

Taking a short detour off of the famed Avenue de Champagne, our fast-talking guide Paulina was amazing and taught us all about the game of champagne making, from deciding when to keep a vintage, or when to blend it into a non-vintage if the taste starts to turn over time. If planning a visit to de Castellane, I would recommend doing a guided tour during the week, where you can see the live production line in action.

For the four of us however, the underground museum was still very educational and built further on what we learned earlier in the day at Mot & Chandon. What made the tour so special was the visit to the private offices, which housed over 7,000 champagne labels, a marketers dream and then to the top of the tower which overlooked the valley.

When it came time to taste the Brut and Ros Champagne, we relaxed in big brown leather chairs in a private room away from the bigger tour groups. We definitely overstayed our welcome but it was the perfect environment to unwind and ask Paulina countless questions about champagne and wine production while enjoying our tasting. Highly recommended! Lisa Vecchio

Experience: Cosy Cottage Break in the Lakes
Month/Year: April 2015
Review: “I had never been to the Lake District before and so I was really excited to take my partner along with me. The experience was for 3 nights at one of the 10 Cottages that Monkhouse Hill offer. The drive from London up to the Lake District is a long one but it definitely worth it as once you start to reach the Lake District the views are beautiful.

Upon arrival, the owners were warm and friendly. The Cottage we stayed in was the Chapel Beck; it was very clean and well presented. The bed was very large and super comfy. There was also a fireplace to keep us warm and cosy, which was perfect for the time of year. As part of the room, a bag of fire wood was also supplied. Overall the experience was great. – Jorge Neves

We pride ourselves on curating unique and memorable experiences to help you achieve your fundraising targets. Hand-picked and ethically sourced, Givergy are committed to ensuring that you, the charity, are the main beneficiary from any lot item provided by us for your auction from the very first bid!

Ben Crook

Ben Crook

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