4 Key Fundraising Trends Predicted For 2017

4 Key Fundraising Trends Predicted For 2017

2017 is officially here and there are big changes anticipated for the year ahead! We’ve consulted our fundraising partners all over the globe to learn more about what they predict will be the biggest fundraising trends, challenges and opportunities to impact charities and nonprofits over the next 12 months.

“We all know the ubiquity of technology isn’t slowing down any time soon. This year’s Giving Tuesday, for example, had a 20% increase in online donations compared to 2015, fuelled by a 22% increase in mobile giving. That said, I believe the most important technological advance for nonprofits to grasp in 2017 will be social media.

As specialists in event fundraising, we’re increasingly seeing nonprofits who post engaging, consistent and highly visual content generate more event buzz and significantly greater revenue for their causes than those who haven’t quite cracked the nut. As Facebook and other networks continue developing features that promote philanthropy – like integrated crowdfunding campaigns, interactive live videos and targeted event invitations (did you know more than 60% of people discover events through their News Feeds?) – I predict the most successful fundraisers will be nonprofits that build vibrant social media communities and try new strategies in the New Year,” Summy Lau, Fundraising Editor, Winspire.

If the experts are to be believed, 74% of internet traffic in 2017 will be video. This trend poses both a challenge and an opportunity for the charity sector. If co-ordinated in the right way your staff, volunteers and story tellers can create powerful video content that trends, that resonates with new donor demographics and makes people sit up and listen to causes they might not otherwise engage with. The challenge is getting your cause’s voice heard in amongst that sea of noise, Alice Biggar, National Philanthropy Manager, The Nicest Job in Britain.

Live streaming will be one of the biggest fundraising trends/opportunities of 2017. Non-profits have the most to gain and the most compelling content to share. Live stream committee meetings, working with clients, your galas, give updates, read your annual report, etc. Let donors get to know you. Live streaming is such an easy way to create fun and free content that allows you to interact with existing donors and engage with potential new donors, Abra Annes, Fundraising Auctioneer, Generosity Auctions.

The biggest opportunity for fundraisers in 2017 is the cultural shift to integrate digital teams across all fundraising disciplines. There has already been some really exciting digital developments that are increasing a fundraisers reach, level of engagement and influence and this has the potential to increase income across all fundraising departments. Embedding digital staff into teams, or having digital champions, will enable charities to capitalise on the explosive potential digital offers, Elsa Quinn, Partnerships Manager, Institute of Fundraising (IOF).

The landscape in fundraising is changing and this will lead to a lot of continued challenges in 2017. However, I believe that these challenges will lead to opportunities for charities to diversify their income and engage with supporters. I think the two biggest opportunities for organisations are in using impact measurement for fundraising and increasing earned income.

It is increasingly important for organisations to be able to succinctly tell the story of their organisation and the impact they have. Doing this properly will help engage a range of donors.

A lot of charities are also looking to set up mission based enterprises which will enable them to earn income whist still delivering their mission, Alex Hayes, Head of Projects and Fund Development, The Foundation for Social Improvement (The FSI).

Nonprofits need to continue to get more sophisticated about personalizing the donor experience. That means also providing channels to give where donors live. For instance, mobile traffic increases year over year so you might want to open up that channel. But the good news for me is that fundraising will always come down to building relationships through awesome storytelling. I was presented a fundraising model a while back that was used thirty years ago and it would still work today,” Randy Hawthorne, Executive Director | Publisher, Nonprofit Hub.

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