Why Mobile Bidding Is Essential To Fundraising

Why Mobile Bidding Is Essential To Fundraising

Long gone are the days of event planners using the traditional format of paper bidding and donor applications for fundraising activity. Or at least if you are still using those methods it might be time to upgrade! Mobile bidding by Givergy can add value to any fundraising event such as receptions, quiz nights, golf days, fun runs or activity days. Guests simply have to reach into their pocket and place a bid, its as easy as that.

Givergy revolutionized the silent auction wave with their cutting-edge fundraising technology. Making silent auctions interactive via a secured wireless network to allow tablet bidding, which is still a cost effective and engaging way for clients and donors to raise money.

Understanding and responding to customer feedback, Givergy took the platform one step further with mobile bidding technology. Mobile technology allows donors to log into a bespoke fundraising website using their own smart phone to bid on luxury and exclusive items at anytime, anywhere even if they cant attend the charity event. You may want to introduce new technologies at your fundraising event for your guests to keep them engaged. Mobile bidding is used in an array of fundraising events but we always recommend to pair this feature with our flagship silent auction and pledging technology. Our technology, coupled with a competitive leaderboard to show progress of funds raised, is truly how Givergy earned their reputation in the fundraising technology space ahead of their competitors. This allows our charity partners to relax and focus on other aspects of planning and executing a fundraising event.

Mobile bidding can be hassle free for guests as they can log in and pre-register for the event online. Of course, your guests can take this time to browse all of the exclusive auction items with ease in advance of the event as well to get the bidding started in a competitive way.

Mobile bidding can also help your chances in raising more money at your event. Using mobile bidding at silent auctions makes it more convenient for your guests to be involved in the philosophy of raising money for charity. This enthusiasm encourages more bids on luxury auction items throughout the event. At Givergy, we have overseen hundreds of events which have benefited from the use of mobile bidding and reported an increase of money raised for the charity.

Givergy mobile bidding also has the power to text message the latest bidder when another donor has been outbid on an item. Sometimes within the gusto of the event, guests can easily forget to follow up on outbid notifications once the night is in full swing and the socializing begins. For this reason, our alerts inform guests that they can place a new bid if they desire. This feature is very popular amongst our charity partners and is a proactive way to encourage guests to pledge, bid or donate all night long to your cause. Being on mobile, guests can also keep track of all their bids throughout the night with the My Bids function.

Our mobile bidding software allows all bid records to be stored on the technology platform which minimizes the manual data entry which accounts for accurate figures and typos. You can also use the data collected in real time to identify the auction items that need pushing.

Since mobile bidding is a web based application, everyone at the event can participate if they have an internet connection or WiFi on their smartphone.

To circumvent the rare situation where a guest may not have their own smartphone, Givergy will supply a few extra tablet devices for those guests who do not have compatible smartphones. We would also advise clients to inform donors prior to the event that mobile bidding would require a smartphone to a participate.

How Givergy’s Mobile platform helps you

Givergy has been an award-winning provider of fundraising technology with our flagship silent auction system which has revolutionized the whole industry. Couple this with excellent service and thousands of satisfied clients, Givergy is always trying to innovate and come up with more solutions to make it easier for charities to raise more money for their causes.

Our mobile bidding interface is user friendly, responsive and designed to make it easier for your donors to bid on items without downloads or apps. Our system ensures seamless system updates and guaranteed flawless performance.

Our commitment is to provide your organization with support before, throughout and after your fundraising initiative to ensure you raise your full fundraising potential.

Ben Crook

Ben Crook

Chief Operating Officer

Ben is at the forefront of every project in Givergy, listing and actioning constant improvements across the business. With over a decade of experience in the charity and events sector he brings a deep understanding of what the fundraising industry needs to operate effectively and efficiently.