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ABOUT GIVERGY.COM gives the public the chance to win incredible items and experiences while making a real difference. This cutting-edge offering helps charities reach a wider audience, maximize global awareness and raise more for their fantastic causes by offering exclusive, high-profile, money-can’t-buy items and experiences that aren’t available anywhere else.

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Givergy only charges commission on the amount raised, there is no upfront fee. If you don’t make money, we don’t either so our end goal is the same - to raise as much for your cause as possible.



As the graphic below shows, Givergy charge a maximum of 18% + VAT commission for all items sold using this site, inclusive of 3% card transaction fees (all cards are accepted). The charity therefore keeps a whopping 82%.

  • Full access to highly scalable server demands
  • Access to the latest online technology with opportunity to list unlimited items simultaneously
  • An opportunity to promote prizes to a far greater audience of potential bidders than just your database
  • PR and marketing expertise including communication sent out to Givergy’s database
  • Legal and accounting support (when required)
  • Leading payment platform for processing sales
  • A dedicated account manager


Your audience is your greatest asset. So are your ambassadors. In addition to the fantastic voices you already use, Givergy commits to help increase brand awareness for your charity and drive eyes and clicks to your bespoke landing page and items #RaisingMore for your cause.

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  • Public relations
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  • Search engine marketing

“The Givergy team are knowledgeable, friendly and always go the extra mile, ensuring every question from our team and from our guests were addressed. The team on site at the event made the silent auction run smoothly and created a stress free environment. It was a pleasure working with them”
“As far as auction technology goes, it doesn't get better than Givergy! Their efficient bidding platform integrates seamlessly into our events, and elevates the guest experience. The hands-on, quick to use platform gives our philanthropic events a fun, competitive edge. Adding an effortless sophistication to fundraising while finally bringing us to the modern age of bidding."
“Givergy helped us to raise $600,000 for the children and families we serve at Wood’s Homes. Guests enjoyed being able to bid from anywhere in the room and the system itself was efficient and effective."
“Thank you for going above and beyond for us. We really appreciate it and Givergy contributed a great deal to the success of our event!”
“Givergy was a great addition to our event. Givergy created an excitement for the auction we didn't have before. We will definitely use this system again and again.”
“The Givergy team from start to finish were beyond FANTASTIC. All requests, suggestions were followed up on in a blink of an eye and the Staff on the night of the event were amazing. I do not think we can relay how much we LOVE the product and how many rave reviews we have had from all of the all the parents”
"I had an amazing experience working with Givergy! Always professional, they delivered excellent customer service to our guests and provided timely updates to our team throughout the event which was key to our overall fundraising success. I look forward to working with Givergy again at our next signature event!"
“After using Givergy for three of our major events we can confidently say that their services are essential to a successful auction. Our guests loved that they could bid throughout the evening from the comfort of their table."
"I have used Givergy's system 4 times and every time I see it there are new innovations to make it more fun and interactive and help us to make more money. I love this system and wouldn't ever go back to doing an auction the old way!!"
“As the first organization to partner with Givergy in Vancouver, we were thrilled with the dramatic impact their user-friendly technology and fantastic team had on improving our guests’ experience, maximizing fundraising results and minimizing pre-event stress”

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Cancer Research UK 111
Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity
Eve Appeal
Thais Childrens Trust
War Child