Ronald Mcdonald House Charities - RMHC WA Ball 2022


With a mission to ‘support the ever-changing needs of seriously ill children and their families’, Ronald McDonald House Charities RMHC rely heavily on fundraising efforts to achieve their ongoing objectives. The charity has subsidiaries in 62 countries and has been operating in Australia since 1981. They provide safe places for families to stay when times are hard due to ill health.

At Givergy, we are proud to have worked with this amazing client since 2017 on various fundraising campaigns and events.


The Ronald McDonald House Charity Western Australia has held a gala ball every year for the past 28 years, making it a staple event on our annual calendar. Designed to cater for both sponsors and supporters of the foundation, this year’s ball integrated a  Silent Auction, Pledges, and Losing Bids Into Pledge as a part of the charity’s Unlimited subscription.


The lead-up to the gala ball includes two events before the night; the ball launch, in which the gala ball theme and ticket sales are opened, held six months before, and an event for stakeholders two months before. This allows enough excitement to be drummed up about the event, so that big money is raised on the evening!

The ball is a vibrant and exciting affair, with music and speakers to keep the high energy going all evening.


RMHC were very happy with the results which delivering in both fundraising profits and sponsor awareness. In total, the event raised $104,929 raised from the silent auction and $206,110 from the pledges which were facilitated by the Givergy system. This contributed to an overall fundraising result of $1.5 million!


We asked Samantha Kent, Events Producer, what RMHC’s top tips were for throwing colourful balls year after year. Samantha comment:

“My top tip for a fundraiser arranging events is to provide a visual aid to guests, this year we worked with Givergy to create a bespoke totaliser which allowed guests a visual moment when making a pledge through Givergy”.

This is something that we agree with as giving guests a visual element to track fundraising is more likely to result in higher bids and engagement. People also love to see how they are helping, so any case studies, images or videos that can be used on the evening is also a great idea.

“I had complete confidence in Givergy to provide me with helpful answers in a timely manner and always with a friendly and reassuring smile. ”

Samantha Kent, Events Producer

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