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How Mobile Fundraising Technology Can Help Nonprofits Fundraise

25th May 2018

The fundraising space is crowded therefore standing out from the crowd can be challenging. With so many organizations trying to fundraise at events, how can you shake things up to increase donations and guest satisfaction? Mobile fundraising technology could be the answer!

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5 London Venues That Provide More Than Just The Venue

25th May 2018

Due to the competitive nature of fundraising events, its now important than ever for a venue to provide more than just the event space itself. Having multiple parts of the event planning process provided by the venue, can be an effective way of streamlining your event by removing the need to outsource multiple elements. Having…

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How Third-Party Auction Items Will Unlock Spending Potential

11th May 2018

It goes without saying that hosting a fundraising event is a big investment. There are also many risks and unknowns involved, specifically the pressure of guaranteeing theauction itemswill sell to enable you to achieve your fundraising target. Ensuring you deliver ROI to compensate the event costs can make the pressure even more overwhelming.

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6 Questions To Ask When Planning Your Next School Fundraising Event

27th Apr 2018

We understand that school fundraising can be tricky! Like any other fundraising event, schools undoubtedly have hurdles to overcome in order for their event to be a success. However, after supporting hundreds of school fundraising eventsacross the globe, we stumbled across a few qualities and assets that schools naturally retain, giving them an advantage when…

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Will An Auction Or Prize Draw Raise More?

26th Apr 2018

Are you running an online campaign, but can’t decide whether to run an auction or prize draw? Both can work very well, but depend completely on the nature of the prize and the demographic of your target audience. We’ll talk you through the benefits of each so you can make an informed (and profitable!) decision.

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5 Auction Items And Experiences Raising More In Australia

19th Apr 2018

Are you hosting a fundraising event? Are you looking to create a custom online auction to raise those vital funds for your cause? Givergys auction item team are here to help! [Insert Superman theme tune!]

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Tips To Start Planning An Online Corporate Fundraising Campaign

16th Apr 2018

Are you a corporate looking to kick-start a CSR fundraising initiative? Are you pushed for time, budget and resources? You can set up a quick, easy and successful campaign by following these simple best practice tips:

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Why Should Corporations Fundraise?

13th Apr 2018

Fundraising may not add to a companys margins, however a CSR initiative can benefit your business in a number of ways. Having a fundraising or corporate social responsibility initiative can actually improve financial performance, brand image and employee engagement.

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How To Ensure Pledge Drive Success At Your Non-profit Spring Fundraising Gala

12th Apr 2018

A fundraising gala is undoubtedly one of biggest dates in the calendar for any non-profit, often raising substantial amounts of money, and helping fund their cause enormously. As we start to come out of the cold winter months, and move closer to the crisp season of spring, time is already ticking to start planning your…

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Turn Unwanted Hospitality Tickets, Gifts & Merchandise Into A Corporate Fundraising Strategy!

6th Apr 2018

One of the biggest obstacles for corporation’s looking to fundraise is obtaining prizes to sell. Whilst they need to raise funds for their corporate social responsibility policy, they also dont want to spend large sums of money purchasing luxury holidays and designer jewellery. However, utilising unwanted hospitality tickets, gifts and merchandise to fundraise has huge…

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