How to adapt your fundraising style to meet 2022 trends

How to adapt your fundraising style to meet 2022 trends

Whether you maintained a full events schedule during the pandemic or are just starting to return to the world of interactive fundraising now, there are certain changes that everyone needs to make in 2022.

Influences such as the ongoing pandemic ripples, the cost-of-living crisis, and broader worldly events will all impact the success of your fundraising.

At Givergy, we believe that digital adaptation is the way forward, which is why our packages are ideal for use no matter what is happening in the world. When combined with memorable events, these cash-building methods are a sure-fire way to bring in the big bucks.

But just like how we live our lives is now sure to be different for everyone, some changes need to be considered to ensure fundraising triumph in 2022. Here are our top tips for modernising your events.

All 2022 fundraising events should have a virtual plug in

In-person events are still the best way to maximise your fundraising capabilities. The benefits of networking, creating in room competition for bids, and improved audience experience can also lead to increased awareness for your cause. However, whilst people are enjoying the chance to again attend in-person, the reality is that sometimes things do get in the way. Therefore, virtual links are essential to increase the audience size and scope of operations. Online fundraising can be used as a standalone tool or combined with an in-person event. This means that those who cannot attend can still make donations or participate competitively in your auction.

Pay attention to the trends

Decadent galas and sociable lunches will always be a brilliant type of event to consider for fundraising, but the change of times has also brought with it some new trends. Social trends allow reactive fundraising opportunities to be highlighted, which with the increased number of social users, opens opportunities for prize draws, online donations and online auctions  to take place. Everyone remembers the ALS ice bucket challenge as a viral fundraising technique that hit the web on a global scale. Whether you are able to jump on a viral trend, create your own, or just harness the power of social communication, the possibilities for increased fundraising are limitless.

Video content is also a huge trend on social media at the moment, with Tik-Tok becoming one of the most popular platforms during the pandemic. The option for live streaming and donations means you can use your feeds to raise even more funds. It is also not just live video but also posted content that continues to increase in popularity. Having a viral, high-quality video produced to support your campaign is essential for views, likes, shares, and of course donations! Finally, Peer to Peer fundraising is also popular, with the option to now fundraise on both Instagram and Facebook to mark special occasions including birthdays.

The type of event that you run can also have a significant impact on the audience that you attract. With donation potential running the risk of being affected by external national, internal, and global influencers, it might be worth considering some modern experiences for gaining interest. These could include:

  • Bottomless brunches
  • Social media influencer live streams
  • Virtual music concerts and comedy shows
  • Talent shows
  • Silent Auctions

Every detail matters so much more

Getting events right is always important, but even more so now that guests may not have attended shows for a little while. Getting the planning right and learning from any previous mistakes will help you eliminate any issues whilst optimising logistics for any last-minute changes that 2022 can bring.

You should carefully consider planning and logistics, chosen fundraising typesstaffing, and post-event follow-ups as the main categories of event management. Details along the way including supporting communications, branding, personalised features, and even something as small as the place settings on your tables will all be remembered and feed into your ability to raise more money.

Modern fundraising themes will be essential

If the past few years of digitally steered fundraising have taught us anything, simplified processes will positively impact both charity staff and donators. Fundraising techniques, such as 50:50 raffles, on-site card payments, and live auction events allow for contemporary payment methods to be adopted. This not only means that more people will be able to take part and spare the cash, but it also ensures your event is targeted to an increased audience. These streamlined cash-collecting methods echo the direct approach that people expect when they tap their watch to pay for their shopping or checkout online with the click of just one button. An added benefit is that your charity will be perceived as being contemporary and forward-thinking, positively impacting your overall brand perception. In people’s fast-paced lives, being adaptable and ready to secure donations is vital.

Communication is key

We are sure you have stayed in touch with your audience during the pandemic, but so has everyone else, making competition for attention high! With increased digital communications flooding the inboxes of everyone, standing out and being concise with your message is more important than ever. Guest messaging services allow you to maximise attendance at an event, improve engagement rates, increase donations, and encompass both pre- and post-event follow-ups. Your event needs to stand out and be simple to run for your teams which is why our interaction features can be automated via your own CMS (Campaign Management System). Donators want to feel special and know that they have made a difference which this form of messaging can help you achieve. Rules and regulations can be complex in the world of GDPR but don’t worry, Givergy have got that covered for you!

Also, the type of messaging that you use should be adapted to the way that people operate in 2022. This means that using text services, social media messaging, and instant email responses, where possible, are essential for aligning with what your audience will expect.

Content is also incredibly important as you are looking for emotional connections in order to secure longer term donations. Showcasing exactly what the money raised can achieve along with detail breakdowns for all donations, no matter how small, will improve engagement. This also improves your legitimacy and over brand presence.

Ready to run your event?

Events are exciting and a brilliant way to bring excitement to your very worthy cause. Our goal at Givergy is to give you the tools you need to stand out and make an impact. Whether you are holding live or online events, our platform will allow you to maximise fundraising activities that suit the modern donator. People and businesses have changed, and with Givergy, your charitable cause can also be bought to the forefront of the digital world that 2022 offers. 

For any more information or advice from us, just get in touch.

Ben Crook

Ben Crook

Chief Operating Officer

Ben is at the forefront of every project in Givergy, listing and actioning constant improvements across the business. With over a decade of experience in the charity and events sector he brings a deep understanding of what the fundraising industry needs to operate effectively and efficiently.