Fundraising Ideas for Remembrance Day 2023

Fundraising Ideas for Remembrance Day 2023

Remembrance Day, also known as Armistice Day or Veterans Day in some countries, is a memorial day observed on the 11th November every year to honour armed forces members who lost their lives in the line of duty during times of war. The day serves not only as an opportunity for people to reflect on the sacrifices made by military personnel and to show gratitude for their service, but also for charities within the sector to raise valuable donations for causes that impact this community.

Things To Consider For Remembrance Day

When organising a Remembrance Day fundraiser, it’s important to ensure that the funds raised are directed to reputable veterans’ charities or organisations that provide support and assistance to veterans and their families. Some other factors that should be considered are as follows:

Purpose and Goal: Clearly define the purpose of your fundraiser and set specific fundraising goals. If available, be sure to use insights from previous fundraisers to inform your new goals.

Transparency: Be transparent about how the funds will be used and where they will be directed. People are more likely to donate when they know their contributions are going to a reputable cause.

Community Involvement: Engage with the local community, veterans and their families to build support for your fundraising efforts. Seek their input and participation.

Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of the diverse backgrounds and experiences of veterans and their families. Ensure that your fundraising efforts are inclusive and respectful of different perspectives.

Givergy’s Fundraising Ideas For Remembrance Day 2023

Here are some of our top ideas for raising money in honour of Remembrance Day 2023:

  1. Themed Silent Auction

A silent auction is a great tool to use when you want to raise money in honour of an occasion but not take away from the meaning of the day. Auction lots can be specially selected for their links to the occasion to further anchor the message of remembrance. This could include artificial and real poppy flowers, themed artwork, experiences, and donated souvenirs.

  1. Remembrance Dinner

Hosting a fundraising dinner with guest speakers, veterans or their families to share stories and experiences is another brilliant way to raise money for associated causes. Money can be raised through event ticketing and the integration of other fundraising methods that would suit the occasion, such as a live auction or prize draw/promotional contest.

  1. Veterans Art Exhibition

Host an art exhibition featuring the work of veterans or local artists. You can sell the artwork, with the proceeds going to veterans’ causes. This is also a brilliant idea if you want to integrate storytelling into the campaign as each lot can be outlined with a story about the person and/or inspiration behind the work. You can get an idea of what this might look like for your cause by checking out some of our fundraising sites.

  1. Remembrance Day Ceremony Donations

If your community hosts a Remembrance Day ceremony, encourage attendees to make voluntary donations during the event. You will be surprised at how much this method can raise.

For more fundraising ideas or to experience Givergy’s fundraising platform, contact our team today.

Tim Stansbury

Tim Stansbury

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