We’re passionate about supporting fundraisers all over the world raise more funds for their amazing causes! Check out some of our popular features that can help you engage donors and smash your fundraising goals.

November 2023

Donor Management Event App

Seamlessly manage your event’s check-in and check-out process via our app. You can also give, bid, and sell tickets all from within the app. Download this on your personal device or use a Givergy provided iPad.

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October 2023

Guest & Table Management

With the Givergy platform, sell tickets and sponsorships, manage table assignments and collect guest details through a single platform.

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September 2023

Sealed Bidding

Allow guests to enter anonymous bids (they can place as many bids as they like) without knowing what the top bid is. Without seeing each other’s bids, this encourages guests to place their highest bid from the onset and compels them to add another bid once they see how many bids have been placed on the item.


August 2023

Appeal Moments

Need to engage your donors? A pledge drive (or appeal moment) is a moment during a live event where you can inspire the room, challenge your audience and focus on collecting as many donations as possible. Learn how to structure the perfect appeal with auctioneer extoradinaire, Harry Santa-Olalla.

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July 2023

Close campaigns with ease

With our new ‘Campaign Close’ process, it is easier than ever to seamlessly sell items, collect payment from your guests, and close your fundraising event in our CMS.

June 2023

Turning losing bids into donations

This feature allows you to send a targeted message to all those guests who were unsuccessful in winning an item, asking if they would like to convert their losing bid into a donation. Each guest can edit the amount, though we see an average of CAD $900 raised per event by sending this message.

May 2023

Donate an Item

Skip out the spreadsheets and have your donors add their items directly into the Givergy CMS! Using the example here , donors of your organisation can easily add auction items to your event, including item values, descriptions, and images!

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April 2023

Draft Messaging

Users can now create draft messages without setting a date/time to send. Click the image to review this feature and how this might benefit your team.

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March 2023

New ways to get your guests excited!

Get tables (tastefully!) competing against each other with our table leaderboards. Perfect for the silent auction or pledge appeal. Do let us know if you’d like to discuss these strategies in more depth!

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February 2023

Post event savings

89% of guests now say YES to supporting you even more! Guests now have the option of absorbing the handling fees on your behalf. If you do decide to integrate payment, our platform automatically encourages donors to contribute towards the system fee when making their payment.

January 2023

Guest Messaging

Within the Client Management System (CMS), you’re provided with a range of ways to interact with you guests throughout your campaign/event. Take a look here as to how you can maximize communication with your audience!