Revitalise Your Fundraising Event With These Subtle Changes!

Revitalise Your Fundraising Event With These Subtle Changes!

In today’s market, creating a charity event that’s unique and stands out can be a challenge, especially with guests who have seen it all before. So how do you keep your event interesting and versatile? Whether you have one gala dinner a year or multiple fundraising events annually, see below some tips and tricks to reinvigorate your event to ensure guests keep coming back for more!

What do guests want

One of the most important (if not, the most) factor to think about is your guests. You want to ensure they have a wonderful time at your event but also part with their hard-earned money to raise some much-needed funds for your cause. The best way to find out what they want to experience is to ask them. Many of your guests will most likely attend a variety of charity events each year so they may have ideas and suggestions as to what they’d like to see. Ensuring your guests are engaged with the charity is vital as this will lead to them not only becoming loyal donors but ambassadors for your cause. Sending out a survey after your event or giving the table host a call to get their honest feedback is a really great way to see what went well and most importantly, any improvements and suggestions for your next event.

Trends in the Event Industry

The events industry is forever evolving; however, many charities stick to what they know and what they’ve seen work. Taking a risk doesn’t have to be scary, start small. Guest participation and engagement is fundamentally what makes a charity event a success therefore thinking of new and innovative ways to entertain them is vital. Ensure you are keeping up to date with trends, not only in the events industry but also the news and mainstream media as you can incorporate this into your event whether its the event theme or creating a fun, welcome games for your guests.

New event locations

Its easy to become complacent with a specific venue that you’ve used for many events as you know what to expect. However, there are have so many new and exciting venues across the country that could help you revitalise your event! Many venues have different rooms and packages and often will be up for creating an amazing event space for your cause. If your potential guests haven’t been to a venue or location, they may be more inclined to attend as we all like to experience trendy or grand venues!

Make your auction interactive

Givergy have an extensive range of new features and exciting new processes which are all designed to revitalise giving at your event through technology! Well use our vast event and fundraising knowledge to help you apply the features that will suit your event and demographic to ensure your guests are having fun whilst bidding and/or donating.

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Tim Stansbury

Tim Stansbury

Director and Fundraising Consultant

Tim joined Givergy in 2010, overseeing the early stage growth of the business to 50 employees across five international regions, supporting over 4,000 events worldwide. With a passion for leadership, business growth and exceptional standards, Tim is at the heart of all clients needs both in the UK and worldwide.