How These 7 Trending Apps Will Elevate Your Charity Profile

How These 7 Trending Apps Will Elevate Your Charity Profile

Marketing has had a drastic evolution over the past century, and while it has made us a lot, lot busier, it is safe to say that it has never been as fun as it is today! Take the example of Madmen – one of the greatest shows of all time. As entertaining as the show is, can you imagine how much more buzzing their office would be today? Online technology has revolutionized the way we market products and services.

The nonprofit industry has taken full advantage of online technology. As numbers speak louder than words, here are some interesting facts: 92% of NGOs worldwide have a website and 86% accept online donations. Similarly, 97% have a Facebook page, and 85% have a Twitter account[1]. But this is old news. How about the new(er), trending apps? They may not all directly bring in donations, but they will help generate awareness.


Only 2% of nonprofits use Snapchat[2], which is a small number compared to the various advantages that come with the app. The individual is curious by nature, and this is what Snapchat is all about: keeping up with what your friends, favorite artists or socialites are up to. As it turns out, keeping up with a company or a nonprofit is just as fun so set up your account and demonstrate your great cause in this fun, interactive app!

Even better, you can now purchase a geotag (a filter that appears in a set location at a specific time that you choose) and brand it to your liking. Make your campaign successful by including your charity logo. Ensure the size is large enough to be identifiable but not too big to cover the whole screen. Additionally, create a fun and engaging design to attract users to your geotag, and your name will be all over peoples Snapchat stories generating awareness for your cause!


Instagram has been trending for several years, and nonprofits are increasingly using the app. Today, 40% of them are active on Instagram[3]. This month, the app launched a new feature: Instagram Stories. If you know about Snapchat, there is no need for an explanation: they are very similar. The new addition allows you to post a story for 24h on the app for your followers to see. If it is just like Snapchat then why should you use it?

The great thing about this new feature is that all the followers you currently have will now be able to see the behind the scenes of everything you do. You can think of it as a fusion between Snapchat and Instagram’s original functionality. However Snapchat still has its perks, with its amazing geotags.

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Boomerang / Vine

Make your social media even more exciting and entertaining with videos.

Boomerang is an app that allows you to create mini videos constantly looping back and forth. It fun to watch, and even more fun to create and share across your social media channels. Get creative!

Also used to create videos, Vine is an app allowing you to craft a short 6-second video to share on other social media platforms. Very popular on Twitter, it enables you to share a video that appears directly on your followers feed (no need to click on a link). Be it fun, emotional, sensitive or heroic, you can spread awareness for your cause in just 6 short seconds!

Pokmon Go

Use the Pokmon phenomenon to your advantage! This augmented reality game will allow you to connect with new potential supporters. The Nicest job in Britain has taken part in the trending app, and made it a fun and healthy way to fundraise with the local community. Learn all about it here. The NonprofitPro also has a few brilliant ideas about the different ways in which you can use this app to generate awareness, read it here.


Discovering the world through someone else’s eyes as they explain it. Periscope offers live video streaming, from anywhere in the world. Do you have a special event, a volunteering day? Film what you are up to and share it with the crowd in real time to inspire viewers. Don’t forget to post on your popular social channels about the event and to share that you will be live on Periscope with a link for them to easily find you at the right time and day.


Although not new and already widely used by nonprofits, Facebook and Twitter constantly innovate. The recent addition to each system is the donate button. It allows users to donate directly on the Facebook or Twitter page, increasing the chances for someone to actually donate (the fewer steps to make the payment, the more donations).

If you have a teenager at home, be attentive to the applications he/she is raving about. Chances are, it will become your new awareness generator, and will help you reach several generations at once. The key is to be creative and to find the methods you can use to inspire and tunnel users towards your mission through those trending apps. And don’t forget, its important to always have an objective when using a new app. Before getting started first define your objective, then how you will measure the campaign so that you can identify success at the end.

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