Auction Item Ideas 

Auction Item Ideas 

So you’ve decided that you want to run an auction? Great! We’ve found over the years that it is one of the most enjoyable, profitable and successful ways to fundraise. It doesn’t matter if you’re a football team, a charity or even a society that wants to raise money for a local community center. Auctions always go down well. But what makes them so successful? Well, we can tell you that the effort which goes into the event is always greatly appreciated. However, what draws in the crowds is the amazing items up for grabs. Whether people are collecting items or seeking a deal, there are plenty of item options out there to peak interest in your event. But if you’re struggling with auction item ideas, we’ve got it covered.

Classic auction items

Now we wanted to list these classic auction item ideas first because we know they’re probably the most accessible ones but also the ones you absolutely need to have to make your auction a success. Depending on how big your auction is, you might want to make sure all of these are checked off, but certainly don’t let your event go ahead without one of these.


Yes, there might be wine on the table at your auction, but there is always someone who wants to bid on a bottle or two. We think it helps with the idea that they can continue the merriment at home. But don’t just throw any old supermarket bottle on the auction item list. Make sure it is a bottle worth bidding on. You can find some fine wines online or go straight to the vineyard to handpick your own selection.

Event tickets

If there’s one thing that is soaring in prices at the minute it’s events. Whether you’re looking at an all-weekend long festival or an evening under the stars at an open-air festival. Tickets for a good time are in high demand. We think it had something to do with show cancellations during the lockdown. Regardless, knowing that they’re high in demand means you certainly need them for your auction. Make sure you get some that are local to your host town, but a couple out of State might also be a great idea. Check out who’s hot with the crowd you’re inviting. There’s no point in grabbing Harry Styles tickets if your audience is 50 plus.

Collectible auction items

It’s one of the main reasons that people come to auctions. To collect items. They might be chasing a coveted item that’s rare and has been elusive for years in the collectible circle. On the other hand, they might be starting their collection and are looking to buy a bundle of items. They could even just be a big fan of the persona attached to the item and fancy making it a showpiece in their home. No auction is complete without a collectible.

Sports memorabilia

There are so many sports teams in the US, it’s something we pride ourselves on. Supporting our team. Whether you’re a baseball, football, soccer or basketball fan – there are plenty of collectible items out there. Game balls, player cars, stickers, hats, bats, gloves, and even sneakers. Anything worn by a player or anything signed by a player is worth a pretty buck or two! We recommend getting something related to the local town/college, something that is to do with the national team and possibly most importantly, the state team.

Traditional collectible items

As far as collectible items go, sports memorabilia is really popular but they aren’t the only things people collect. Here’s a wide variety of collectible items that you can choose from. We recommend collecting a few of these to put up as you auction items:

  • Stamps
  • Model trains
  • Artwork
  • Books
  • Comic books
  • Coins
  • Cars
  • Dolls and toys
  • Jewelry
  • Vinyls
  • Furniture

You’ll notice that some of these items are small and some are larger. Make sure you take into consideration that larger items may be difficult to get to the owner’s home but also, that they may need to be stored before the event.

Big ticket auction items

Here’s where the big money is spent. Those big-ticket items. Now, sourcing them might be a little tricky, but you certainly need at least one in your auction for it to be a big spending event. It’s the item that pulls in the crowds. If you’re hosting a silent auction, it’s the item that everyone bids on hoping that they get a bargain. Here are a couple of ideas for big-ticket items.

Travel packages

If there’s one thing in this world that everyone wants (and probably needs) it’s a vacation! So this is an absolute must for any successful auction. It doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant, it can be a weekend away within the State. Of course, you could ramp it up to a cruise or week-long vacation in Europe. We’re sure that no matter what type of vacation you offer in your auction you’ll have some big bids for it. Just make sure that your vacation is offered with flexibility on booking so that people aren’t put off by the time of year. A trip to Mexico during the rainy season isn’t the most exciting thing to bid on.

Fine dining package

What’s something else that people tend to cut out of their life when they’re struggling with money? Dinners out. Fine dining is the next level. We’re not talking about hitting up your local Olive Garden. Really splurge out. Check out what fine dining is in your state and grab some tickets. You might choose to do this as part of a package, for example, having a day out at a spa followed by a fine dining experience. Whatever it is, make it luxurious and desirable to get maximum interest.

Of course, there are plenty of other auction item ideas. Consider basket ideas filled with local produce, smaller gifts and treats. Grab unique items such as artwork. Whatever you do, don’t forget charitable items also, people always love to raise money for a cause. Perhaps you’re donating a bench to a local hospice. Whatever auction item ideas you have, make them affordable.

Here at Givergy, we have a range of enticing auction items sourced specifically to appeal to your donors. Find out more about our solution to Auction Items.

Chloe Colquitt

Chloe Colquitt

Campaign Success Manager

Chloe is a Givergy Client Success Manager based in New York, looking after our North America events on the East Coast. Chloe, who was previously based in our UK office until 2021, has the in-depth experience and knowledge of how to best use the Givergy system to exceed her clients’ fundraising targets, with a high focus on the Fund-A-Need portion. Chloe’s passion for delivering fundraising events led her to create her own fundraising event with a team to raise funds for a university partner charity in the UK. This has given her a first-hand experience to understand the challenges some of our clients face and how much time and energy is required to create a successful event.