5 Great Ways To Fundraise This Macmillan Coffee Morning

5 Great Ways To Fundraise This Macmillan Coffee Morning

The Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support is right around the corner! September 29th will mark the start of just under 3,000 official Coffee Morning events in the UK this year, all aiming to help raise funds and awareness for those suffering from cancer. In 2016, a staggering 29.5 million was raised from Coffee Mornings across the UK, so lets all help Macmillan exceed that this year!

Here are 5 tips to help you raise as much as possible at your coffee morning

1. Make it competitive

People love to go head-to-head, so why not make your Coffee Morning a competition? For example, you could have a Great British Bake Off themed morning with a judging panel, and some star bakers, to see who is able to sell the most cake! You could also try cake themed competitions, including quizzes, party games, and video game tournaments to really add another level of rivalry!

Weather permitting, your Coffee Morning could also include sports races that everyone can get involved in. You could organise a coffee relay race and see which team manages to keep the most coffee in their mug by the end of the race! (Be careful with health and safety measures; wearing protective gloves or waiting until the coffee is cold first is definitely recommended).

Keep an eye on Givergy’s social channels as we are planning our very own bake off this year!

  1. Get everyone involved

Whether you’re holding an event at school, work, or with some friends, try to invite as many people as possible. Having everyone take part will help create a strong community spirit, and it may be a good way to entice people who don’t take part in social activities and fundraising very often, to contribute. Remember, the more people you have attend, the more money you should raise! You could even promote your event online using platforms like Eventbrite, or through your own social media channels to get the event out far and wide!

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  1. Diversify

Try to make your Coffee Morning feel a bit special this year! Whilst tea, coffee and cake are the usual protocol, there are hundreds of interesting ideas out there to try. If your team is on a health-kick then think about how you could incorporate some healthy alternatives into your morning; maybe you could swap Earl Grey for fruit or herbal teas. If you’ve been hosting Coffee Mornings for years, you might want to try obscure pastries, cakes and sweets that will intrigue your guests. This could also be a great opportunity to try baking treats from another culture. Try getting people to bring dishes from different countries and you’ll have yourself a very international Coffee Morning! Macmillan have amazing recipes for you to try, check them out here!

  1. Remember, its all about #RaisingMore

Make sure you ask people to donate! Macmillan does a lot of good work that will affect a large number of people. Register online to receive your free kit to help you do so. The kit includes a donation box as well as other games that can be used to help you raise money. Put the box in a place that is obvious to see and easy for everyone to reach.


  1. Make it fun

Finally, but perhaps the most important tip of all: Make your event as fun for everyone as possible! People are more likely to be generous if they are having a good time! Studies have shown a correlation between how much people donate and their wellbeing, so make sure to keep them smiling!

We hope everyone has a hugely successful Coffee Morning! If you would like to check out the creations from Givergy’s star bakers, check out our Twitter page @GivergyUK on the 29th September!



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Ben Crook

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