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Tim Stan

Tim Stansbury

Founder, Fundraising Consultant & Host

Tim Stan

“A fundraising host will help you develop and deliver a fundraising strategy to boost giving and maximise engagement at a
live fundraising event.”


Including a fundraising host into your event can have a dramatic impact on funds raised on the night. See below for an excellent example of a client event with a powerful appeal moment from one of our very own hosts, Tim Stansbury.

For the full event video and case study on a hugely successful Appeal Moment, click here!


A fundraising host will work with you pre-event to design a statistically driven strategy to achieve your campaign goals. On the night they will drive the donation moment (or appeal moment) and live auction. Watch the next video below to learn more about this. During an event, your fundraising host will maintain the tempo of the night, clearly communicating your message and explaining exactly how to give.

With just a few tweaks in strategy, we can have an amazing impact on funds raised.




Givergy’s Fundraising Hosts will support you pre-event, including statistically-driven meetings to provide expert advice on how you can potentially raise more at your fundraising event. Everything we do is built around inclusivity, with the objective being 100% audience participation by the end of the night.

Our fundraising hosts have a proven track record in helping nonprofits smash their fundraising targets, and we would be delighted to add your organization to the list.


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“We were focused on generating more money through the pledge, and with Givergy’s advice on run-of-show and process during that moment, everything came together fantastically well. Tim was brilliant on stage, he brought the energy but also the focus on what we needed the audience to do. I’d highly recommend the Givergy system for the donation moment and auction, plus Tim on stage to make it all happen!”

Special Events Manager, JDRF

“Deciding to have John as the host for our Annual Ball this year was one of the best decisions we made. We were very keen to improve our fundraising through pledges and John completely grasped our needs and supported our strategy leading up to the event. On the day, he was much appreciated by our guests and we were thrilled to raise more than we ever have, especially through the pledges. We would certainly recommend John as a host”

Major Donor & Events Manager, CRIS Cancer

“John did an amazing job. It’s not easy to get 1,500 guests to ‘co-operate’ by making further financial contributions but he succeeded and did it in a way that was engaging and did not irritate. His highly professional approach helped us hand over the largest sum we have raised in the twelve year history of the Lunch – £250,000. In the run up to the Lunch, his expert advice was invaluable.”

Founder & Co-Chairman, Lord Mayor's Big Curry Lunch


Our fundraising hosts are experienced, reliable, and professional with proven track records in helping organizations smash their fundraising goals.

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Whilst the two roles can certainly overlap, the function of a fundraising host is typically far more focussed than that of an MC. As the name suggests, a fundraising host’s job is to ensure the event’s fundraising activities are a success, and that targets are met, if not exceeded! 

A fundraising host should outline to the audience what the charity’s fundraising objectives are and highlight the different ways in which they can get involved. They’ll also provide fundraising updates and deliver reminders during the event, as well as key fundraising moments such as live auctions and pledge drives. A good fundraising host will also consult with the client in the lead-up to the event, leveraging their experience to help them devise a clear and statistically-driven fundraising strategy.

An MC, on the other hand, is generally responsible for linking your various sections together and keeping the event moving along. Whether or not they focus on fundraising (which is crucial!), really will depend on the MC in question. 

A pledge drive (or appeal moment as they are often called in the US) is a moment during a live event where you can inspire the room, challenge your audience and focus on collecting as many donations as possible.

You can use these 10-15 minutes to focus your audience to hit a collective common goal, often using a nice interactive totaliser on the display screens to show progress of funds raised. A professional fundraising host will work down different donation levels that guests can commit to, looking to increase participation of donations in the room and giving everyone a chance to get involved and give back.

Gone are the days of long live auctions with 10 to 15 items and an auctioneer working through each one. History and experience shows that for the majority of events, a long live auction can kill an event and the momentum of what was a fun and enjoyable evening.
Standard practice is to now keep live auctions to five or six (max) quality items, that ideally have an element of exclusivity and can’t be bought or searched for online.
The reality is that live auctions are normally aimed at 5-10% of the ‘big spenders’ in the room, but you have to be aware of the other 90% of guests. A fun and engaging 20-minute live auction absolutely adds to the event, but longer than this and things can begin to drag on and impact other fundraising opportunities from the remainder of the room.

Bringing a fundraising host onboard to events is a brilliant way of enhancing donation potential. With their focus being pinned on guest engagement and aligning with the overarching fundraising objectives, it can be tricky for them to also take on the role of MC. We recommend having someone else fill that role as it means the fundraising host can spend their time raising money, spreading the message about the cause, and ensuring each guest in the room is taking part in one way or another.

Yes! Our fundraising hosts are experts in hosting virtual events, as well as live events. By using a Givergy host for your virtual event, the pressure of  having to train your host in virtual fundraising technology disappears! Speak to our team to see how they can help you raise more.