How to Host a Charity Bonfire Night to Remember

How to Host a Charity Bonfire Night to Remember

Get your sparklers and gloves ready; Bonfire Night 2023 is quickly approaching! 61% of Brits say they love fireworks, so every time the 5th November comes around, hundreds of thousands of people flock to vibrant displays and events.

Bonfire Night and Fireworks Night can be excellent opportunities to raise charity money. It is a popular event enjoyed by many and, therefore, can attract many people. Organising a charity event during this time could help raise awareness and funds for a good cause. Throwing an epic event is also a brilliant way to keep the spark alive all year long with donors who will remember it fondly. Keep reading to find out our ideas for celebrating Bonfire Night and to learn how you can use the interest to keep donations streaming in well after the ash has settled.

Why Notable Dates Are Important For Fundraising

Notable dates, such as holidays, anniversaries and commemorative days, are essential for fundraising because they allow charities to connect with potential donors and supporters in an unique way. These dates often have strong emotional significance for people, making them more likely to engage with fundraising efforts that align with their values and beliefs.

Notable dates also allow for targeted marketing campaigns that capitalise on heightened awareness and interest in specific causes or issues. By leveraging these dates creatively and thoughtfully, organisations can increase their visibility, build relationships with potential donors, and raise more funds to support their mission.

2023 Bonfire Night Fundraising Ideas

1. Fireworks Display: 

This one is the most obvious, but we had to include it! Why not arrange your charity’s very own fireworks display or reach out to other local events to find out if they will sponsor your organisation? 

Money can be raised in multiple ways, including ticket sales, donations and prize draws, which can all be managed seamlessly pre, during, and post-event using Givergy’s fundraising platform. This live event is the perfect opportunity to go big and get creative, like offering the chance to name the biggest firework of the night to a lucky winner! 

3. Bonfire or Firework Themed Party: 

If you would like to avoid the logistics of hosting a fireworks display, a bonfire-themed event could work just as well. Every element, from the food served to the decor, can boast an outdoor earthly feel to keep the excitement of this much-loved date alive throughout your event. 

Fundraising tools such as silent and live auctions can also be tailored to have a firework or bonfire theme with outdoor prizes and clever links to the occasion.

3. Bonfire Bake Sale

Channelling the excitement of Bonfire Night doesn’t just have to mean fireworks displays but it can use the magic of the entire season. 56% of people say they are happier in Autumn because of the season’s joys, from festive homewares to crunchy leaves underfoot.

People love autumn treats, with flavours such as creamy caramel, toffee apple, spun sweet sugar, and spicy pumpkin, all evoking the joy of cosy times. Hosting a festive-themed bake sale or other form of raffle will help you raise more using the season’s magic.

4. Virtual Firework Gala

Do you want to engage donors that are further afield? Why not try hosting a virtual event as your fireworks celebration? You will have the chance to include colourful content, games and activities that speak to the celebration, as well as themed auctions and engaging leaderboards.

Do you need support hosting fun themed events that set your charity up for a successful pipeline of donations? Contact us to learn more.

Ella Jacques

Ella Jacques

Global Client Services Manager at Givergy

Ella heads up the global Fundraising & Events team. A key part of Givergy’s growth for four years, Ella has a passion for event planning and ensuring her and her teams’ clients exceed their fundraising targets. Furthermore, Ella’s exposure to some of the highest-profile fundraising events gives her a unique insight into the newest and most innovative way in which charities are engaging with their audiences.