Smart Savannahs


Smart Savannah’s is a Swedish-based charity developing world-leading technology that protects animals in Africa’s natural areas more effectively. Their mission is to make the savannahs smart using technology to provide protection and support. Originally starting their mission in Kenya, Smart Savannahs plan to support the entire African wildlife in the future.

Prior Fundraising Challenges

Smart Savannahs is a new charity, having only started operations in 2013, which means it is still working to establish a credible presence with donors. This was their first time hosting a large fundraising event, meaning everything had to start from scratch.

As a new charity, there are questions surrounding what fundraising techniques work best with the intended donor base, as there are no previous case studies to build upon. This is one of the reasons that the organisation contacted Givergy, as we have proven experience in helping charities start from the ground up with inaugural events and fundraising causes.

Event Highlights

Smart Savannahs decided to run a Silent Auction along with a Pledge option to ensure donors worldwide could easily participate in the fundraising efforts. The charity chose to use Givergy for this process as they had heard good things about success rates and liked the straightforward approach that was offered.

Both fundraising methods were received well, and the charity found the system easy to use once they had gotten to grips with the system, which our team were on hand to help with. They also appreciated how simple the post-event process was and felt the system allowed them to make the best first impression with many new donors.

How Much Was Raised?

In total, £22,679 was raised which the charity were thrilled with. This consisted of £21,872 from the silent auction and £807 from the pledge drive.


  • Consider ways to make more of an impact and statement without investing too much into the fundraising. A silent auction and pledge drive using an efficient system offers brilliant time and ROI, ensuring a profit can be made.

“The Givergy team made life much less stressful, handling everything that we required support with. They also provided some really helpful resources and ideas to help us create a big impact for our small organisation.”

Matilda von Rosen - Commissioner

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