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Rainbow Trust Children's Charity


Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity provides emotional and practical support to families with a child with a life-threatening or terminal illness. The charity recognises that life is turned upside down for families who care for unwell children. To alleviate some of the associated worries, the charity pairs families needing support with knowledgeable support workers who can help in many areas of everyday life.

There is also no time limit placed on how long the assistance is provided, which ends with another common issue that families have in these circumstances, as normally, support can only be provided for a set time.

Prior Fundraising Challenges

The cost of living crisis is affecting the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity in multiple ways, directly impacting its fundraising success and requirements.

Firstly, getting donors to pledge money is a bit harder as people are spending less. Also, more funds need to be raised as expenses for support workers in terms of transport have risen greatly within the past year. This means that more money is required in order to assist each family. The ever-rising energy costs associated with round-the-clock medical care also need to be accounted for.

The charity recognises the additional financial support their clients require and has worked to integrate new ways of raising money and creative elements into their storytelling to strengthen the value proposition to donors.

This is where Givergy comes in, as our tools were required to ensure the essential funds could be raised.

Event Highlights

The glamorous Race Night 2023 was attended by around 200 guests at the popular Windsor racecourse in May 2023.

As well as a lively event being thrown, which was intended to improve awareness and engagement for the charity, Silent Auction and Donation features were used to incorporate strong elements of fundraising. Both worked well as the silent auction allowed proceedings to start one week before the event, whilst the in-room pledges worked well to capture extra donations from guests on the night. To achieve a successful amount of in-room bids, Givergy supplied 20 tablets for the event.

The charity also uses Givergy Unlimited, which made it simple and affordable for a variety of giving features to be incorporated into the event. This also meant that a mixture of attendees and those who could not make it could all donate, allowing maximisation of the giving process.

How Much Was Raised?

In total, this event raised £45,695!

The Silent Auction actual amount raised was £29,300 and the Pledge actual amount raised was £7,855. A further £8,540 was also raised from Buy Now items.


  • It is essential to know your niche if your donors are interested in a particular area.
  • Don’t go too low with the starting bids, as this can sometimes put people off. By being competitive, you encourage quick and dynamic bidding wars, as sometimes guests don’t want to bid all night, and interest can be lost.
  • Always use strong visuals alongside both pledge and auction items. This should be done in terms of storytelling for the charity and also the prize on offer to ensure maximum interest can be obtained.

“Hannah is really helpful and it’s so handy to have someone that is on your case. She kept us to task and ensured we used the Givergy platform to its full potential. It’s good to have someone that is proactive on content and able to deliver results and responses in a rapid timeframe.”

Anna Johnson - Events Manager

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