Tips To Start Planning An Online Corporate Fundraising Campaign

Tips To Start Planning An Online Corporate Fundraising Campaign

Are you a corporate looking to kick-start a CSR fundraising initiative? Are you pushed for time, budget and resources? You can set up a quick, easy and successful campaign by following these simple best practice tips:

Research what has worked before

Looking at similar fundraising initiatives is the best place to start, to figure out what works and what doesn’t. You should be able to easily find this information online, simply look at case studies from similar-sized organisations who have run corporate fundraising campaigns. Its also imperative to set a fundraising goal and have an understanding of what will trigger people to donate. Reach out to your charity partner for advice, as they have an abundance of knowledge and will be able to help you come up with a detailed strategy.

Tell a compelling story

Fundraising is great in terms of brand awareness and paints your company as philanthropic, so you’ll want to make sure this is portrayed to internal stakeholders as well as the public. Share the story of why you are fundraising and what you are hoping to achieve, make it visual and engaging to help attract support. Ask your charity partner for assistance, as they might be able to offer support. Children With Cancer UK share with the public how the money raised by corporations is used and even offer employees the chance to see the work being done themselves. Remember your employees are your biggest promoters, so ensure your fundraising initiative looks good on social media and via email, so they will then share the content with their own network.

Communicate what you want to achieve

Whether you decide to fundraise internally or externally, you’ll need to communicate this effectively with your employees and encourage them to get involved. The Charities Aid Foundation found that people give an average of 50 a year to work-based charity appeals, so depending on the size of your organisation you could potentially raise thousands. Ensure you have several key figures in your company who will lead by example, get these people to reply all on companywide emails showing their support and they could inspire others to donate. If your organisation has a monthly or weekly newsletter, use this resource to let everyone know about the fundraising initiative. Ensure this includes a clear call-to-action, like a link to make a donation.

Tip: If you’re planning on hosting a fundraising auction, reach out to your staff as they may have items or experiences to donate. Read our blog for more information on what items would make a successful corporate fundraising auction.

Corporate fundraising has fantastic benefits for all, with minimal time and money spent. For more info on how corporations can benefit from all kinds of fundraising check out this blog.

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