Kickstart Your CSR Strategy With GivGo

Kickstart Your CSR Strategy With GivGo

There are many tried and tested employee engagement strategies in the market, but have you considered a CSR strategy to engage employees while also giving back to a good cause? GivGo, an innovative platform to help corporates raise vital funds for their charity partners while creating a digital footprint of the company’s social responsibility impact, is the latest solution. Here’s why:

We know time and resource around Corporate Social Responsibility can be tight and not always a priority. When using GivGo as your central platform for fundraising and employee engagement, you can roll out new initiatives quickly, streamline processes and cut emails down considerably. You will also gain the support and resource of the GivGo team who will be there to help you every step of the way.

GivGo specialise in online fundraising for companies in aid of their charities, by giving employees the exclusive opportunity to bid for experiences and merchandise, as well as to donate directly to the cause.

  • Increase funds raised for foundations and charities
  • Engage all employees across levels and location
  • Reduce corporate wastage, save time and resource

Simply put, you can run an online auction, prize draw, or accept donations on a bespoke and secure website limited to your employee base, in order to raise more for charity.

Innovate your fundraising activity:

Take a look at your corporate social responsibility strategy and assess the activity you are already doing. Integrating GivGo could reinnervate your already established fundraising activity without trying to reinvent the wheel.

Your campaign can be centred around any particular event/work based scheme so take a look at the diary and consider using the platform to not only facilitate your events but also to enhance them.

Here are a few ideas:

Do you have corporate hospitality seats/tickets or access to desirable items within your company that you can auction off?

Using GivGo’s auction functionality, you can add items to your site at any time, to create an interactive bidding experience for all company employees, at all levels. Companies currently using GivGo have found leveraging unused corporate hospitality tickets not only raises money for charity but also ensures any investment spent by the company on hospitality tickets is not wasted. Employees will also look at it as a perk/benefit as they will have access to VIP experiences, at prices they may not normally have.

Do you have free ticketed events where you need to confirm numbers in advance?

GivGo offers the ability to collate guest numbers while also raising funds for your charity partner by asking for a small donation when employees register. You can use the back end of the platform to run a report and the guest list is created automatically on your behalf.

Running a workplace challenge like a bike, hike or run?

Advertise the challenge (where to sign up) on GivGo and list each team/individual fundraising pages to create some competition. You can give updates on training, include pictures of the event and how it went and most importantly showcase the true footprint of the challenge which you can collate and update on your GivGo totaliser homepage.

We were looking for an innovative idea to help us raise more for our charity. What GivGo has provided us with is exactly that –Big Four Accounting Firm

Use GivGo as an engagement tool:

Engage all employees across different office sites:

Using GivGo allows any social responsibility programme to be rolled out with maximum impact across as many offices as you choose to engage. Fundraising initiatives and activities as well as the auctioning of items can be accessed by all employees making GivGo as great inclusive tool. You can make changes to the site and its content through the management system whenever you need.

Create competition between departments/offices:

Drive your fundraising efforts by creating competition between departments or offices. Your GivGo site can be set up with different totalisers and also comes with a visually dynamic leaderboard which you can display throughout the screens in your workplace. This not only greatly impacts the amount you can raise but also is a fun way to keep fundraising exciting and engaging.

The site looked great and was incredibly user-friendly

Jenny Cowan, Head of CSR, Socit Gnrale

GivGo is a really simple and intuitive platform to manage, & it was incredibly easy to roll out across the business

Susan Barrowman, Charity Partnerships Manager, Harrods

GivGo is a unique and exciting new online fundraising and engagement tool, which can be set up quickly and simply, at a very affordable cost.

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Ben Crook

Ben Crook

Chief Operating Officer

Ben is at the forefront of every project in Givergy, listing and actioning constant improvements across the business. With over a decade of experience in the charity and events sector he brings a deep understanding of what the fundraising industry needs to operate effectively and efficiently.