How Technology Can Inspire Giving Behaviour

How Technology Can Inspire Giving Behaviour

Every year, the world experiences new technological breakthroughs with more effective and efficient ways of completing daily tasks and new ways to overcome challenges. It is crucial that the charity sector is able to keep up with the fast-paced environment we live in, utilising the power of digital fundraising and the vast social media world, or it risks falling behind the curve. When fundraising, an effective implementation of technology can not only be the catalyst for increased donor retention and an overall improved user experience, but it can also be the driving force behind improved engagement and interactivity that will ultimately help raise more for your incredible cause.

According to NPT-UK, last year showed that a massive 2.4 billion was donated using online technology, including social media, websites and phone apps, accounting for 26% off all donations in the UK. Technological giving has also shown a positive trend every year since, highlighting the prevalence of technology in todays giving generation. Not only can the effective use of tech inspire giving behaviour through a more engaging, interactive, and competitive experience, but it can also introduce new revenue streams and increase awareness for your cause by targeting a younger millennial demographic that might not have been engaging and donating beforehand.

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It is crucial however, that the user experience is flawless and professional, allowing for creditability and trust in your charity to be established. The user experience is not only attributed to technology interfaces used by the consumer, but instead relates to anything that a human interacts with during the entire process. There are many resources that can help you improve the user experience of your product or service, including:

  • Ensuring your website is fast and responsive
  • Using trusted payment providers
  • Making your donation button stand out and easy to find

There are many more examples of how you can improve your user experience, if you’re interested in learning more!

As a global leader in fundraising technology, we have seen first-hand how effective tech can be when raising funds by implementing tech before, during, and after events. As a result, countless charitable causes have broken their fundraising records and are using silent auction technology to get more out of their events than ever before. The image below shows the difference in amounts raised between paper silent auctions and Givergy’s silent auction technology.

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As shown, prior to effective technology, fundraising efforts were often resource heavy and laborious. With each element having to be processed manually on paper, and often requiring substantial time and effort. The implementation of fundraising technology, specifically through silent auctions, not only removes the need for the manual process, but encourages bidding by introducing a competitive atmosphere that has the potential to drive bidding through the roof. Watch this short video that shows exactly how an effective use of Givergy’s fundraising technology allowed Right To Play to exceed expectations at their Big Red Ball, by allowing guests to bid both before and during a fundraising event using technology.

Embracing the shift in technology will help drive giving behaviour. As a result of the increasing amount of donations being processed using tech, it is quickly becoming the method of choice for the millennial giving generation. Failure to implement an effective online giving strategy will almost certainly lead to a significant decrease in fundraising capabilities. Furthermore, as more and more organizations drive donations with modern technology, their message will reach more and more people, securing more donors, making a greater impact, and ultimately changing the social norms associated with charitable donations. This will encourage moving away from outdated methods, and moving towards an online technologically driven alternative. Now is definitely the time to get implementing!

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Ben Crook

Ben Crook

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