Givergy Explained

Givergy Explained

You may be wondering why we changed our name from iBid Events to Givergy. Well, the answer is simple and it was for 3 main reasons:

  1. We needed one global brand – we couldn’t be iBid in North America due to trademark reasons.
  2. We wanted a facelift for iBid – we don’t just do bidding technology now. Its all about giving.
  3. We launch a new product next week called Givergy ACCESS. This is much more a consumer focused product and therefore needed a brand to reflect this.

So, we needed our new brand to reflect exactly what we do. We needed it to reflect our impeccable service levels. We needed it to stand out while staying true to our core values of reliability, accountability, innovation, service and ethics, and our core aim; helping you #RaiseMore.

That’s why we created Givergy.

Givergy represents the unique synthesis between giving, events and the tangible energy that our technology builds.

Watch this short video to learn more but we certainly hope you enjoy it as much as we do and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more information please visit the About page which also includes a longer version of this animated video to really bring to life who we are and what we do.


Tim Stansbury

Tim Stansbury

Director and Fundraising Consultant

Tim joined Givergy in 2010, overseeing the early stage growth of the business to 50 employees across five international regions, supporting over 4,000 events worldwide. With a passion for leadership, business growth and exceptional standards, Tim is at the heart of all clients needs both in the UK and worldwide.