A Creative Alternative To Individual Fundraising

When it comes to individual fundraising there are some tried and proven methods, everything from online donation pledges to bake sales. But, its also no secret that fatigue is all too common with friends and family. There are only so many times you can ask to spare another fiver, especially for individuals who fundraise for multiple events throughout the year, whether it be a marathon or crowdfunding a new idea.

Givergy employee Sophie Clarke decided to shake things up this year and to provide an alternative for her marathon fundraiser. I knew I had a big target to hit, but felt like I couldnt burden my friends again with another push to get me over the finish line. Luckily, I had my hands on two spare tickets to Ed Sheerans sold out London gig and decided to get creative.

Sophie donated the much-in-demand VIP concert tickets to Save the Rhino, the charity who she is running the marathon on behalf of. Since they already had a dedicated charity page on Givergy.com, Save the Rhino made the tickets available to the general public as a prize draw. For only 5 to enter the draw, one lucky winner will get to see the famed artist all while raising money for a good cause and helping Sophie reach her fundraising target. Its a win-win.

Ed Sheeran Prize Draw Givergy

I love animals, and after recently seeing the Save the Rhino twitter feed showcasing such animal cruelness, it really brought home how much they suffer and I knew I had do something to contribute to their safety, Sophie said.

Sophie Clarke visits Save the Rhino Sophie Clarke visits Save the Rhino

Save the Rhino’s Rosie Cammock fully supports the campaign as a new way for donor engagement. Givergy.com is a fantastic asset for any charity looking to inspire their supporters to fundraise in new and innovative ways. Not only have we used Givergy.com for our own online auctions and fundraising campaigns, but our supporters are really engaging with the platform to raise money on an individual and group basis in support of our cause. Its incredibly easy and presents a completely risk-free approach to fundraising,” Rosie shared.

Givergy.com gives the public the chance to win high-profile, money-cant-buy items and experiences by taking part in online auctions. It also allows users to enter prize draws or purchase buy it now items while making a real difference to the causes they are in aid of. This effective global online offering helps charities reach a wider audience, maximise global awareness and raise more for their fantastic causes.

The prize draw is currently available to entries worldwide and will close on 1st April, 2017 at 9 pm GMT. Enter here.

For more info on how Givergy may be able to help you fundraise online, contact us.