Your Fundraising Journey With Givergy

Your Fundraising Journey With Givergy

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the prospect of organising a fundraising event or campaign that will meet your goals and exceed expectations? Givergy can help you strategically maximise your fundraising efforts, both at events and online. Here is a preview of how our premium service could support you in raising more!

Givergy Community
Once your event is confirmed, you will receive login details to an online platform called the Givergy Community. Here you will be able to access our Content Management System (CMS), ask questions and view topics with video support, access charity forums and the Learning Management System and check how the planning of your event is progressing. You will also have access to our support team via email, phone and live chat.
Time frame: Once your event is confirmed

Intro Call
You’ll have an initial call with your Client Service Manager (CSM) to set you up on the Givergy journey and
arrange your consultation meeting/call. This will be followed by an email explaining everything we need to build your fundraising system and plan your event.
Time frame: Within one working day of your event being confirmed

We will talk through your last event, look at what went well and what could be improved. Your CSM will also discuss how to raise as much as possible using our system, fundraising activities and more.
Time frame: 6-8 weeks before your event

Support Team
Our support team are on hand seven days a week, from 9am-10pm Monday-Friday and varied hours at the weekend.
They’ll help build your event and answer questions when your CSM isn’t available.
Time frame: Throughout the entire process

Project & Design Plan
Working together, well plan out your system to ensure you use every aspect in terms of design and product features.
Time frame: 4 weeks before your event

Givergy Auction Item Consultation
If you decide to use the Givergy auction item range, our consultant will advise on the best items for your event.
Time frame: 3-4 weeks before your event

Item Upload
Your CSM will show you how to upload your items onto the EMS. Our team can also provide a CSV file template for you to complete.
Time frame: 3 weeks before your event

Copy Check
Once you’ve uploaded your items, the team will complete a copy check, focusing on spelling, grammar, pricing and imagery to ensure every item has the best sales opportunity.
Time frame: 2 weeks before your event

Final Review
The CSM will do a final run through to check we have everything we need, see if any plans have changed and confirm details for our team on site. Where possible, your Event Manager will join this call.
Time frame: 1 week before your event

Post-Event Success
By 10am the next working day, your CSM will email you with any updates following your event and directing you to the EMS to view our reporting suite.
Time frame: Next working day after your event

Your CSM and Sales Manager will meet/call you to run through the event. Looking at what worked well, what could be improved and agree plans for your next event.
Time frame: Within 4 weeks of the event taking place

CSM: Client Service Manager
CST: Customer Support Team
EMS: Event Management System
CSV: Excel file converted to comma separated version

If you would like to learn more about how Givergy could help you in raising more for your worthy charity at your next fundraising event or just need some extra tips to smash your fundraising goals, please get in touch, wed love to hear from you!


Ben Crook

Ben Crook

Chief Operating Officer

Ben is at the forefront of every project in Givergy, listing and actioning constant improvements across the business. With over a decade of experience in the charity and events sector he brings a deep understanding of what the fundraising industry needs to operate effectively and efficiently.