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Frequently Asked Questions

About Givergy

What is Givergy?
Givergy is all about maximising fundraising via interactive bidding for silent auctions and pledging. In the last 12 months we’ve supported 1,500+ events and helped raise over £45 million for different charities. In the UK alone, we are the exclusive supplier to a number of international organisations (including Marie Curie, Macmillan and Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity) and venues (including The Hurlingham Club and The Savoy Hotel), plus support smaller committees and charities to make sure all budgets are covered.

What sort of events do you support?
Typical charity fundraising events are large sit-down gala dinners, but we have a range of products to suit all nature of events, from small scale lunches to large gala dinners to informal museum exhibitions to charity golf, polo and cricket days. Read more about each of our fundraising products.

What regions do Givergy operate in?

Our HQ is in London but we also have an office in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Sydney and have supported fundraising events all over the globe including Los Angeles, Paris, Cannes and Monaco.

How does Givergy make my job as an event organiser easier?
In a number of ways. Not only in the run up to the event, during which time your specific account manager will handle all the pre-event collation of information and post event with detailed reporting, but also by replacing paper bid sheets at the event allows the silent auction to run itself with real-time live updates.

We know fundraising events are stressful so everything we do at Givergy is aimed at taking the burden off you so you can concentrate on other parts of your event.

Can you provide me with references of fundraising clients that have used you in the past?
Absolutely. We have a list of testimonials and are more than happy to put you in touch with clients who have had first-hand experience of the Givergy product and service, or even better… those who have used Givergy and another interactive bidding supplier before.

Can I arrange a demo in person of the Givergy system?
We would be delighted to come and meet at a venue convenient to you in order to demo the Givergy system and discuss your fundraising event in more detail. Let us know a time and a date and we’ll be there!

About Our Product & Technology

How long does it take Givergy to set up?
This depends on the size and nature of the event but a typical set up would take 2 – 3 hours. That said, we work at many public venues (such as the Natural History Museum in London) that has a set up time of 1 hour. Just let us know the requirements… we’ll make it happen.

Does every guest need to register for a bidding tablet?
Not necessarily. We can set the interactive bidding system up in a number of ways to accommodate your needs and if you don’t have all the guest data before the event (First Name, Last Name, Table Number) then guests can always register on the bidding tablet the first time they use it. In addition we can always add guests during the event if needed.

Can guests use any tablet in the room to bid on the silent auction?
We can set the system up so that tablets are either ‘Table Assigned’ – only the guests on that table can use that device, or ‘Roaming’ so that anyone in the room can use any device and they simply find their name using the search function.

What security measures are in place so guests don’t place bids for other guests?
In order to place a bid you have to select your name and enter your 4-digit pin number (you create this the first time you use the system). This security measure keeps bidding simple but deters others from bidding under someone else’s name. It’s a proven method that works really well for our charity clients.

Can guests use their own phones as well as bidding tablets?
Unless text bidding functionality is being provided, silent auction bidding is restricted to the bidding tablets we provide. This keeps the focus on fundraising rather than the guest becoming distracted by other applications on their phone – texting, tweeting etc. Again, a set up we’ve had brilliant success with.

What happens if a tablet is damaged or stolen?
If a tablet is lost or stolen and not returned then we would have to charge this to our client unfortunately. All tablets are numbered and have tracking stickers on their reverse. Also our event managers keep a beady eye on them during the event, so this very rarely occurs.

Can a guest remain anonymous?
Yes. Every time a guest places a silent auction bid they have the option of remaining anonymous.

What are bidding stations?
These are unique to Givergy and work really well during a cocktail reception before dinner or at a less formal event whenever there is an area of high footfall. The bidding stations are linked to the same system as the bidding tablets but are larger (26” touchscreen) and the screens are mounted in a frame that is about 150cm high.

Do pre-event online auction websites actually work?
Yes, in a number of ways. With the right exposure to your guests or database they act not only as good fundraising tools but also as smart and simple marketing tool that give the event a really professional touch. We’re a big fan of charities using online auctions to help them raise more.

About Our Service

How does Givergy differ when compared to other similar providers in the market?
Despite being a technology firm, we recognize that exceptional service is as crucial as the product itself. So, despite having a fantastic product, we really stand out due to the service we provide all our clients and their guests before, during and after the event.

Will there be Givergy staff at my event?
Yes. We always supply at least 2 staff at each of our events. One technician to set the system up and monitor it throughout and one event manager to act as your first port of call, assist guests when needed and introduce the system (if requested). However this can increase depending on the event and client needs.

I may have last minute changes to guest and lot data, is this a problem?
No. Our system is designed to be as flexible as possible and we understand the nature of live events where no matter how much planning goes on, something always crops up on the night. So be it adding / removing guest names, tweaking lot items or changing the end time of the silent auction, this can all be done on the night of the event.

Do you take credit card details from every guest?
No. The Givergy system is designed to maximise funds raised. We therefore keep the silent auction bidding process as quick and simple as possible. More bids through the system means more money raised for the cause. We therefore don’t take payment details from guests until the end of the auction, when only those who have won items need to provide this – a much better way than taking 80% of unnecessary credit cards!

Can you help secure lot items?
Absolutely. In January 2013 we moved our lot item provision division in-house in order to ensure we maintain modest reserve prices and maximize funds raised for the charity. So if you need one or two items to supplement your own, or a wide range of items to create your silent auction, you can choose from a great range or memorabilia, experiences, holidays and art work that we have available.

The Cost

How much does the Givergy system cost?
It’s hard to give an exact figure as our costs depend on a number of factors – the size of the event, number of guests / tables, products required, location / venue and if lot items are required or not. If you would like an accurate quote for your event then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Does Givergy take a percentage of the proceeds raised during the fundraising event?
Absolutely not! The system fee is always a one off upfront cost and the charity keeps 100% of money raised on the night. Givergy is designed to help charities raise money, not detract from it.

What return on investment can I expect by using Givergy rather than pen and paper?
Hard to say as it depends on the nature of the event, your silent auction lot items, money in the room, etc. but on average, if we had to give a figure, we’d expect approximately a 30% increase in funds raised compared to using pen and paper. But we’ve also had some incredible results of up to 250%!

I am trying to get a sponsor for the silent auction system, what are the benefits for them?
The bidding tablets and leaderboards have room for rotating sponsor and charity logos, offering brilliant exposure. We can also add a sponsors page or screensaver to the tablets if you’d like to offer more value to the sponsor.