Introducing your volunteers to the Givergy service

Introducing your volunteers to the Givergy service

Volunteers contribute to the event running smoothly as a whole and we recognise that getting them on board with the different fundraising activities is key to enhancing guests’ experience and increasing bidding activity. If you have volunteers available at your event, Givergy will work with them to help guests use the bidding system.

If you have many volunteers, consider sharing our online course with them. This will teach them the basics so you have more support at your event – reach out to our support team or your FEC to get your volunteers enrolled on our course.

Ask your Givergy event manager to take part in the volunteer briefing in order to:

  • Give a demo on how the tablet system works.
  • Run through the live auction if the volunteers & Givergy team will be spotting – you can’t over prepare for your live auction!
  • Discuss how payments will be collected and items given out, if applicable.

If you would like to speak to our expert team for more guidance on your next fundraising campaign or event, please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.