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Intellia Therapeutics


The Intellia Therapeutics UNCF Scholarship Program offers financial support for underrepresented students.

The partnership started in 2020 and is relevant to students seeking a science, technology or mathematics degree. Supporting this cause is important to Intellia Therapeutics as it helps support the next generation of professionals working within their industry.

Prior Fundraising Challenges

This online event targets the company’s employees to raise money. For even the donation amount an employee makes, the company also matches. This is the fourth year this campaign has been run, which means it gets tougher each time, targeting the same employees.

It can also be hard to explain where the money is going as there isn’t instant gratification from the donations. Instead, the money supports over the longer term.

The company has also changed to around 50% hybrid operations, meaning fewer people are in the offices daily. Integrating solid digital fundraising methods was essential to keep spreading the word about this cause. That is where Givergy came in!

Event Highlights

This online event targeted around 400 employees with a Silent Auction, Prize Draw, and Pledges. There were also prize draw items in person to see, which was great as it meant all employees had a way of feeling included in some form.

Local prizes were used with some coming in at the last minute, so it was great to know that the Givergy platform could handle late additions to the list of items. The non-profit felt that the Givergy platform offered different ways for the team to come together, which made for an exciting and succinct environment with lots of awareness for the scholarship fund.

The silent auction had opened one day before and lots of people were excited to get bidding, so a flurry of activity was received early on. Everyone had it on their screens in the office and money was consistently raised during the four business days that the event was running for.

How Did You Find The Givergy Platform?

Intellia Therapeutics felt that the platform felt safe to use and easy to understand. A partner had recommended Givergy, so the organization was happy that we met their expectations.

It was also helpful to have a site mocked up during the discussion phase, as it allowed for visualization of how the fundraising campaign would look when live. Everyone involved felt supported by both the platform and the people from Givergy working with them, which is what we love to hear.

How Much Was Raised?

The organization raised $20,721 which was made up of $5,021 from the silent auction, $7,015 of pledges, and $8,685 from the prize draw which saw 877 ticket sales.


  • Use the Givergy platform and your partner to the max.
  • Demo the site and take the time to learn how it works so that you can make quick changes if you are pressed for time.
  • Ask questions, the Givergy team are always willing to help!

“Having never worked in the giving space before, it was great for me that the Givergy platform was easy to understand and user friendly. The team were knowledgeable and friendly which meant we felt confident going into our campaign. Thank you!”

Maritza Makowski - Associate Director, Talent Experience

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