Canberra Symphony Orchestra


The Canberra Symphony Orchestra believes in the power of providing music for everyone. Since 2020, this incredible organisation has reached more than 5,900 people through community programs. By providing stunning access to music and immersive experience, people experiencing hearing loss, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease have been able to enjoy some times of serenity,

The charity has also given away more than 600 tickets to charitable causes, run free events, and created the Pathways Program for ages 8 to 24. To keep the music playing which unites so many communities, fundraising is a hugely important part of what this charity does.

Event Highlights

CSO Fundraising Gala 2023 was an annual event to bring in a large portion of the charity’s fundraising profits. More than 200 guests attended this event, which was also supported by 13 tablets designed to enhance the giving experience. The Givergy platform was chosen as it allowed easy event promotion, including raffle ticket sales, silent auction information/sales, and bonus prizes on the night.

A benefit that Givergy provided was having the raised funds collected at the time of the silent auction closing. The charity mentioned this was a brilliant feature as it saves countless hours processing and following up with efforts instead of being used to enhance the donor experience.

Additional features that donors and members from the Canberra Symphony Orchestra also found beneficial were the continual updates on funds raised shown in the room, as well as the silent auction notifications of new bids. Thanks to these features running smoothly, attention was still focused on the event’s purpose, whilst the fundraising side could tick along nicely.

Amount Raised

Even though the charity felt 2023 had challenges, this event delivered a strong financial performance. The event raised $42,319 from a mix of silent auctions, pledges and profits from the prize draw. This exceeded the $40,000 target, so the organisation were happy with the performance.


The earlier you prepare for your event the better. This includes collecting auction item donations, sending a ‘Save the Date’, advertising ticket sales and raffle prizes. You can never be too organised when it comes to throwing live events.

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