Givergy Unlimited Fundraising Support

Givergy Unlimited Fundraising Support

Whether you’re looking to trial new ways of fundraising throughout the year or in need of more reactive and flexible fundraising solutions, the unlimited package from Givergy has got you covered. This means you have year-round access to our complete portfolio of award-winning solutions whenever you need them, helping you maximise your return on investment. With so many options available, selecting what works best for your charity or non-profit organisation can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this easy service guide to allow you to compare features quickly. 

Want to know which methods could offer your organisation the best value? Keep on reading, and don’t forget to check out our case studies!

Must-Use Givergy Unlimited Features


These are simple to create, interactive, and offer endless possibilities, making them a popular choice. Many of our clients prefer exclusively using auctions to hit all their fundraising goals.

Although auctions are popular choice for bringing in donations, they can be complex to organise, facilitate, and follow up with, which is why our solution is favoured. Our Campaign Management System (CMS) is your go-to-place to manage bids, notify participants, export reports, and so much more. We also offer a suite of coveted auction items, ranging from everyday gifts to luxury experiences.

Our silent auctions are also highly celebrated as they provide a more contemporary way for donations to be made. If you want to avoid additional event costs but still want to maintain an exciting, engaging environment, this option is for you.

Prize Draws

Depending on where your organisation is based, you may want to take part in prize draws. Often dictated by regional laws, this technique is an excellent way to maximise the number of donors involved in a giveaway. Because there’s only one winner, they encourage multiple paying entries, which increases the potential to fundraise more. You can spotlight exclusive items, involve social media contests, and manage everything through our centralised system.

Prize draws can include Raffles, Golden Tickets, Wine Pulls – the list can go on!

Donation Appeals

It’s important to remember that amidst the interactive events and amazing prizes, fundraising is an emotive task with important causes at the centre. Using storytelling through donation appeals bring these causes to life. Incorporating a face to the brand, explaining how the donations are used, and even sharing more information about the purpose and passions of the organisation are all ways to resonate with donors. Forms of appeals that can be facilitated through Givergy, include:

  • Live Event Appeals (Otherwise known as a Donation Moment, Ask, Fund-A-Need, Hand or Paddle Raise, Cash Call):  The Live Appeal often generates large donations as they can be tailored to suit specific audiences. It’s helpful if the auctioneer or speaker is familiar with the cause, as answering questions and sharing unique information is key. This type of interaction is also brilliant for working the room and improving participation, which helps you achieve not only your fundraising goals, but enhance the general conversation around your cause.
  • Year Round Giving Campaigns: Ditch the extra event expenses for year-round donation campaigns with Givergy Unlimited. This is a great way to bridge the gap between annual events to ensure you’re always bringing in funds. Having a frequent way to facilitate giving also allows your calls to action to be consistent throughout your marketing campaigns, improving your chances of bringing in donations. As always, you can view how much money you’ve raised at any given time through our CMS.
  • General Messaging: Givergy Unlimited supports your organisation with donor communication so that they stay up to date with the latest information in your world. No third-party system is needed! Customize your lists and send emails or text messages with direct links to donation pages for a clear call to action.

Event Ticketing

Deciding the type of event to host is one thing, but seamlessly executing it is another task to contend with! That’s why we offer a full ticketing service. By having your details streamlined in our CMS, you can immediately understand everything about your attendees and gain new ideas of further promotional work you may need to do to push your event.

Event Check-In

We understand that knowing exactly who is attending your event is essential for keeping records up to date. One of our goals with Givergy Unlimited is to offer you simple ways to reduce overheads and maximise your fundraising profits, which is why we include tools like our check-in service.

Thanks to the Givergy Event App, organisations can save money by running their check-in at events without staff and by using their own devices. This easy-to-use platform also automatically updates your contact list to ensure easy follow-up after your event.

The feedback from our clients has been very positive, with many commenting on how easy and intuitive the app is to use.

Givergy Unlimited at its Finest

The beauty of having different fundraising opportunities available is that you can completely tailor them to your cause. We understand that a one-fits-all solution is not the best way for charities and non-profits to achieve their goals. Instead, we promote individual use of each of our services and are thrilled to see the many ways in which organisations are having success with our solutions!

Here are just a few examples of campaigns that our clients have run using the Givergy Unlimited platform as the foundation for achieving their goals:

  • Virtual Auctions– Everybody loves a chance to grab a bargain and repurpose something that’s no longer wanted or being used. Auction prizes don’t always have to be new items, and thanks to the success of online bidding sites, people are already familiar with what it means to win something digitally. Our silent auction feature supports this type of fundraising, with all proceeds of the “sale” going to the organisation of choice. If you want to see how this works, check out the successful virtual car boot sale that Women for Women International held.
  • In-Person Auctions– As showcased by the Hampshire Medical Fund, silent auctions can be seamlessly woven into in-person events through the Givergy Unlimited app. They used tablets to ensure their guests had a chance to bid on various prizes throughout the evening event, which helped them achieve their fundraising target.
  • Seasonal Campaigns and Virtual Wish Lists – Using seasonal events within donation appeals is a brilliant way of harnessing the buzz around a pre-determined date in the calendar to boost awareness of your cause. A wish list allows you to present where funds are going in a unique way when a donation is made. People love a good story, and they usually want to understand exactly how their donation is helping you cause. Using this part of the Givergy Unlimited portal helps your organisation be relatable at different times of the year.
  • Giving Tuesday – Our Unlimited clients love to take advantage of running a Giving Tuesday campaign. 

This popular day allows an additional opportunity to raise funds with a global generosity movement backing the campaign. The instantly recognisable term has a positive sentiment that people love interacting with. To help you facilitate this, the organisation behind Giving Tuesday has graphics and logos available to download here:

  • Feature Combo– This case study for the Devon Young Carers is a fantastic example of how our Unlimited service can open up opportunities to combine techniques. By running both an auction and a prize draw, the charity was able to appeal to all donor types. Some people love taking part in an auction whereas others prefer a prize draw. Therefore, having all bases covered guarantees that your audience is catered to and that your campaign is a success. After your campaign is complete, our included reporting features allow you to make informed decisions about every step in the process.

How can I sign up for Givergy Unlimited?

The world of unlimited fundraising is easy to navigate when you get in touch with us. When you register for this annual service, you’ll be coached through an onboarding plan, gain access to 24/7 live chat support, and can begin using the above bespoke services. 

No two clients use this service the same, which is what we love about it! We make digital fundraising professional and achievable by taking the guesswork out of donating online. Being flexible, reactive, and equipped is essential to making the most out of any opportunity.

Givergy Unlimited helps you operate more efficiently, effectively raising more for your organisation. Our easy-to-use platform is a brilliant way of staying in control of your as your teams manage it all in-house. Say goodbye to relying on third parties or feeling out of touch with your fundraising efforts. We put you at the centre of it all to continue the positive impact needed for your cause.

Want to learn more? Read all about Givergy Unlimited here.

Ben Crook

Ben Crook

Chief Operating Officer

Ben is at the forefront of every project in Givergy, listing and actioning constant improvements across the business. With over a decade of experience in the charity and events sector he brings a deep understanding of what the fundraising industry needs to operate effectively and efficiently.