Fundraising Ideas for Football Teams

Fundraising Ideas for Football Teams

Beyond the season there are so many soccer events to look forward to. Most of all the pre-season friendlies and the post-season tournaments. If there’s one thing all soccer players enjoy it’s some time away with the team. However, that costs money and not everyone on the team has equal opportunity to take part. This is why it’s essential to have plenty of fundraising ideas for soccer teams. Typically the same 15 players are essential for each match, so fundraising is a great way to keep your best team on the field. Take a look at ways to raise funds for soccer players and teams.

Using sponsorship as a fundraising idea for soccer

Sponsorship for soccer teams is nothing new. But typically it goes towards training equipment and paying to use of facilities. Not out-of-state tournaments and gas money. Sponsorship doesn’t have to be just one business funding the team and it certainly doesn’t need to be restricted to the logo put on the front of shirts. You can find a kit sponsor, a training kit sponsor, an equipment sponsor and a travel sponsor. All small figures when they’re isolated but add up to a huge number for players across the season.

It means that for each event you’ll have all the equipment necessary to succeed and in each of these areas there’s somewhere for the business to put their logo. It can be on the front of a shirt, on the back of a training jacket, the sleeve of the players base layers, perhaps even on the shorts of the kit. Equipment bags can be branded with logos. Buses and cars can be branded with (removeable) stickers for the occasion. Don’t limit yourself to one sponsor for kit. Think outside the box – caps, sweatshirts, bags, equipment – it can all be branded.

When you’ve sponsored as many pieces of kit as possible. Think about the individual players. You could task a player with finding their own sponsorship or host an evening for sponsorship whereby the players talents are promoted and businesses can bid to sponsor a player. Hosting the evening can provide ample opportunity for sponsorship by inviting local businesses but it can also be a unique way to raise funds through raffles and competitions on the night.

Host your own tournament

If your soccer team is struggling to get to tournaments, why not try hosting your own? Whatever facilities you have to host you can rent for the day and play a 5-a-side tournament. It means that there will be higher number of teams taking part and the games will be shorter. Keeping all players interested in the event (fewer delays between games) and the day will be spread out so that they can enjoy all festivities. That’s right, if you’re going to host a tournament, don’t just focus on the soccer.

Any good tournament has plenty of activities going on. Maybe there is a keepy-uppy challenge in the corner where players can compete to win a prize for kicking the ball into their air – without letting it touching the ground – as many times as possible. Perhaps the challenge is as many headers in a row as possible? Perhaps it’s a balancing game, where you balance the ball on your foot for as long as possible? You could have all three! Not to mention there’s plenty of opportunity to run raffles too.

Go traditional with a car wash

This one is perfect if your team have a weekend without a match. Instead of the week off, why not host a car wash at the same time in the parking lot of the home ground. This way, you know all your players are available at that time and that they can get to the ground. It also means all your regular supporters will already be poised, ready to attend and donate to the fundraiser. All you need are a few buckets of soapy water.

The great thing about hosting a car wash is that it’s the type of event that serves the community. It’s helpful and wholesome. Neighbors of the soccer team can get their car washed for a great price and you can raise essential funds needed during the season.

Bring people together with a bake sale

A bake sale might seem strange, but it’s a great way to make money at games. That’s right, selling cakes at the game. There’s no need to find a separate day when people are around to help sell the cakes and draw in another audience. During the game is the perfect opportunity. 

Spectators can enjoy the cakes and perhaps even the opposition’s players will enjoy a cake or two afterwards! Think about it. There’s already a captivated audience and many of them will be hungry. Take advantage of it and sell cakes at your home games.

These are our favorite fundraising ideas for soccer. We’ve tried and tested them all and can safely say that when done correctly, they work a treat!

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Need help running your Soccer fundraising event?

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Run an auction

Either before a specific game or at the actual game itself, gather up a number of great prizes supporters could offer up, and run a mobile bidding auction. These could range from memorabilia of the actual team to local restaurant vouchers and vacations. You could display prizes at the game or simply run the whole thing online, with easy check out options to pay. You could even show a countdown timer at the game on the big screens, adding some excitement and energy to the end of the auction!

Set up a donation drive

If you have a specific cause or reason to raise money, setting up an online donation page for supporters is a great way to achieve your fundraising goal. Very shareable, so easy to create a network effect of online support, you can give details of what the money will be used for, different options to donate, and the option for donors to leave messages. Payments can be collected online too, so it is easy to get the money in the bank!

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