7 Learnings From Unicef USA’s Giving Tuesday Fundraising Masterclass

7 Learnings From Unicef USA’s Giving Tuesday Fundraising Masterclass

Since its inception in 2012, Giving Tuesday has grown into a monumental day of global giving and now provides a great opportunity for non-profits to engage with current and new supporters.

On Giving Tuesday in 2020 for example, $2.47 BILLION was donated by supporters to US non-profits, whilst in the UK over £14,000 PER MINUTE was donated to UK charities. Moreover, the day resulted in 14.2 BILLION social media engagements, demonstrating the vast opportunity non-profits have on Giving Tuesday to raise not only funds, but awareness too.

As the day itself is just around the corner (30th November) we partnered with Unicef USA to create a free webinar of top tips and tricks that can make a Giving Tuesday campaign truly effective. Senior Philanthropy Associate Emily Monasterio talked us through the lessons she has learnt as Unicef prepare for their 75thanniversary event, pulling 10 events in 10 cities together for one night on Giving Tuesday. Read on for the Top 7 things we learnt from this Fundraising Masterclass, or alternatively watch the webinar for yourself here!

  1. Get Your Committee Members On Board

The pandemic has forced almost all non-profits to take risks with their fundraising that pre-pandemic would not have seemed possible. Emily’s advice for making a success of these risks is to ensure the buy in and active participation of your board and/or committee members. A strong relationship with your committee can ensure that when undertaking a new journey, you at least have a strong understanding of the needs of your community.

  1. Listen, Listen and Listen Some More

The market on Giving Tuesday can seem oversaturated with many non-profits battling for attention. Focus your attention on your own community. By truly understanding your community’s needs it’s possible to capitalise on the opportunity Giving Tuesday presents to fundraise. Holding regular meetings with your committee members will provide ample space to discuss their wants and needs.

  1. A Little Friendly Competition Doesn’t Hurt!

Giving Tuesday is a thread which can pull together different regions or different chapters of an organisation under one campaign banner. Of course, remember the overall goal and mission, but encouraging each region or chapter to compete with one another can drive up donations whilst adding an element of fun to the campaign. For example, Unicef USA are using Givergy leaderboards to provide live updates of fundraising totals for each region during their 75thyear anniversary event. This not only adds a little friendly competition but reminds supporters at each individual event that they are part of a larger movement.

  1. No Idea Is Too Small To Bring Money In The Door

Embrace ideas that drive participation because at the end of the campaign, all the little ideas add up. This is made easier under an umbrella day like Giving Tuesday. A good example is the committee members from Unicef USA’s campaign tying in birthday events with fundraising, or simply buying tickets to a virtual event.

  1. Keep Ease Of Giving Constant

Emily was keen to emphasise that this tip applies to any fundraising event an organisation is running. Giving should be easy and feel like second nature to your supporters. When interacting with your campaign, the process of giving should be as seamless as possible. For Unicef USA, this means placing QR codes across their event space and including them on all programmes so that guests have constant access to the silent auction and donation options.

  1. Start Fundraising Before The Event

Open your fundraising streams before the event itself as this allows momentum to build and your mission to be shared. Unicef USA did this through specifically focusing on pledging during their build-up.

  1. Don’t Be Scared Of Social Media

Yes, the marketplace is competitive on Giving Tuesday but that doesn’t mean your organisation should shy away from entering the social media sphere. Look to your own community or network and identify those that are active on social media, as just those within your own community can share your message and raise awareness. Moreover, if you have chapters in different locations, connecting through social media can again help amplify the power of your movement.

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Jordan Morris

Jordan Morris


Jordan joined Givergy after studying Politics with International Relations at the University of York. He has over two years experience within the charity sector working as a face-to-face fundraiser and as a constituency campaigner. After experiencing the sector from within and knowing first-hand the impact digital solutions can make to fundraising strategies, Jordan is now dedicated to innovating the way charities fundraise to ensure they maximise returns from every fundraising campaign.