5 Seasonal School Fundraising Tips

5 Seasonal School Fundraising Tips

Fundraising in schools can be an extremely rewarding exercise for children by also providing education as they discover how they make an impact to society. The biggest question can typically be how do I get started?

The good news is that raising funds for your school does not have to be difficult as there is an ever-increasing number of schools utilizing the power of digital fundraising tools and doing so with gusto!

The parent-teacher group dynamics can vary greatly and although no type of training can prepare you for the fervour of a group of parents organising, often for the first time, a school fundraiser a common theme has emerged; the eagerness of the committees to engage the student body in new and creative ways.

Although silent auctions remain the most effective way to fundraise at certain types of fundraising events, it would seem wasteful not to share some of the memorable, and cost effective, initiatives we have come across over the past 12 months. Here are some of our favourites;


Spring is a season where school fundraising activities may be a bit quieter, perhaps because the main fundraising event tends to be at the end and mid-point of the year. We have seen a lot of schools using the opportunity to try something a little different to engage students and raise funds.

The rubber duck race
Rubber duck race

What you’ll need: Plenty of rubber ducks, one for each potential participant and a suitable stretch of flowing water.

What you do: Sell individual ducks to the students with each duck correlating to a number. With all of the pupils watching on, release the ducks into the water stream and the first one to reach the finish line wins! Make sure to get permission from any local authorities and recycle the ducks post-event, bar maybe the winning duck, it deserves to be spared for its valiant effort.


In the approach to the summer break we’ve supported many schools in hosting their annual fundraising ball. In addition to this, to take advantage of the good weather, here’s a really simple fundraising activity that participants have had a lot of fun with.

Tape a teacher to the wall
Boy silencing teacher with duct tape
What you’ll need: A willing teacher as a volunteer and a number of rolls of duct tape.

What you do: Give each student a strip of duct tape in exchange for a small donation. Have the willing participant stand on a stool as the pupils take turns to use their strip to seal their favourite teacher to the side of the school before removing the platform. This can be such a fun way to raise money and you can even have them teach a class from their new, elevated abode.


As the cold weather is setting in and sustenance is all the more vital to get the kids through the day, here is a great fundraising activity that also ensures nobody runs out of meal time inspiration.

Family recipe cookbook
Young kids doing a recipe from book
What you’ll need: The capabilities to curate a book and printing facilities.

What you do: Every household has a favourite home cooked dish. This is the perfect opportunity to allow students to share these with their friends and for you to raise funds at the same time. Ask all of the pupils to bring in one recipe that they enjoy eating at home. Compile all of the recipes and put together a book, listing the pupil with whom the recipe came from. No doubt all of the parents will get involved as well as purchase a copy of the book. A fun and wholesome way to bring the school together.


This is the most common time of the year for schools to be using Givergy’s services and delivering successful silent auctions as a fundraising method. For most of the schools we work with this was their main focus during this time of year so here are a couple of the most creative school auction lots we came across.

Buy a teacher a day off
What you’ll need: Permission from the school to reward one lucky teacher an additional day off.

What you’ll do: Parents are well aware that teachers often go the extra mile for their special little guys. This auction item gives parents the opportunity to award them with some much-needed rest and relaxation. Coordinating with the school to allow one teacher to get an extra days holiday is a great way to include an additional lot item in your fundraising auction.

Get a ride to school from a policeman or fireman
Young boy dressed as a fire fighter and sitting on a fire truck.

What you’ll need: Parents or volunteers who work in the public sector/emergency services.

What you’ll do: When the pupils share their parents professions, take note as this may come in handy. Teachers will most likely be aware of the parents that work in the emergency services and we have seen this incorporated into a number of silent auctions. By offering parents the chance to give their children a ride to school to remember from a police car or a fire engine, it provide can such an interesting proposition and a really cost effective way to fill up that brochure.

No matter what initiative you choose, its important to remember to check the local fundraising regulations and to ensure safety at all times. Plus, have a bit of fun too! If you would like to know more about how Givergy can support your next school fundraiser do get in touch.


Ben Crook

Ben Crook

Chief Operating Officer

Ben is at the forefront of every project in Givergy, listing and actioning constant improvements across the business. With over a decade of experience in the charity and events sector he brings a deep understanding of what the fundraising industry needs to operate effectively and efficiently.